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CCA launches CCA – PLA13, Planar Magnetic In-Ears

Planar Magnetic drivers in IEMs were a sort of rarity a few years back but have now become the new tech that IEM manufacturers have started incorporating in their IEMs. CCA is proud to present its first-ever planar IEM – the CCA PLA13, and We’re happy to announce that the CCA – PLA 13 is now available for purchase at Headphone Zone.

CCA – PLA13, Planar Magnetic In-Ears

The classical musicians that established CCA are responsible for inventing in-ear monitors that have significantly changed the relationship between cost and performance. Providing Hi-Fi products that surpass the norm in terms of sound quality and visual intrigue is their ultimate goal. With the introduction of some of the best planar magnetic in-ear monitors, the audio industry has evolved over the years. CCA has entered the game by bringing in the all-new PLA13, a Planar Magnetic in-ear monitor. It offers the perfect mix of expert acoustics and construction with a substantial 13.2mm planar magnetic driver encased in a well-planned resin shell structure. The PLA13 reproduces a fantastic sound presentation with the highest clarity, a crisp treble, and a powerful, low end.

The CCA PLA13 hosts a brand-new 13.2mm planar magnetic driver unit that achieves an outstanding sound with a fast transient response. The CCA PLA13 will be able to capture subtle nuances in recordings. It hosts a double-sided array magnet dual-cavity planar driver that is patented. It enables the duo to produce a remarkable sound with quick transients and a vibrant, responsive tone with flawless details in music. CCA PLA13 is painstakingly calibrated and embedded with acoustic engineering inside the nozzle to provide a natural sound.

The aluminium alloy faceplates and premium skin-friendly resin are used to construct the CCA PLA13 ear shells. The pair features a beautiful design and an ergonomic form factor. The CCA PLA13 comes with a high-purity stock cable that is silver-plated. It has standard 0.75mm 2-pin connectors and 3.5mm termination. It is devoid of all microphonics and has an HD microphone for an exceptional calling experience. The lightweight, ergonomically constructed ear shells on the CCA PLA13 provide a secure, comfortable fit. The CCA – PLA13 is retailed at ₹6,499.

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