Contact centre solutions we can vouch for

There’s no doubting that contact centres have always been on the cutting edge of innovation, evolving organically with the times. Over the years, performance management, real-time authentication, automation, customer journey analysis, and

World Password Day comment by CyberArk

“Humans aren’t the only target for attackers that seek to compromise credentials as their easiest pathway to an organization’s critical data and assets. Humans remain a lucrative and relatively easy target; the

Leading Logistics Companies In India

Logistics and supply chain companies in India simplify and eliminate all transportation issues for the industry. Logistics companies are in charge of organizing, controlling, storing, and transporting goods from the producer to

The Importance of Upgrading your ITSM Tools

Enterprise Service Management is often the lynchpin of satisfaction to both internal and external stakeholders of companies. The common misconception is that ITSM has to do with IT only. But, it is

Data Center in 2022: Challenges and Opportunities

The global pandemic has spurred a rapid growth in demand for data centers, credit to the acceleration of digital transformation amongst organizations. The rapid rise in digital adoption due to world-wide lockdown

Guide to Renewable Energy Power Generation

Renewable energies are a source of energy that is both clean and infinite. They differ from fossil fuels in terms of variety, quantity, and potential utility, but most crucially, they do not