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“Cashify”ReGlobe Launches App Based Platform “Cashify”

-Automatically enables users to determine price of their old smartphones
-Gets users instant cash for it.

ReGlobe, India’s leading re-commerce market place which CashifyFinal1offers an online platform to sell old or used electronic gadgets, today announced the release of its new app based platform called Cashify. This platform takes ReGlobe’s convenient, fast, easy, and secure way of selling old gadgets online to the user’s pockets.

Cashify takes ReGlobe’s price quotation mechanism and automates it for old electronic gadgets that a user may have including smartphones, laptops, air conditioners, televisions etc. Giving users a price quote within a fraction of seconds, Cashify automatically begins to diagnose the device and checks the health of Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Camera, Speakers, Microphone, Screen and other hardware components. Cashify then uses this data to automatically quote a price that is just a matter of one click.

If the users are satisfied with the price quoted then they can Cashify the device instantly by dropping a pick up request “from their home for free.” In case the user is not satisfied with the quoted price, then the user can leave a feedback to enhance their experience hence forth with ReGlobe.

“Android devices come in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes, and today’s Cashify release delivers an easy solution to a large problem,” said Nakul Kumar, Co-Founder & COO, ReGlobe. He further added, “Automating the process enables the users to sell their old gadgets in few clicks. The platform also enables the users to sell their old phones in a hassle free and safe manner which keeps their private details protected and secure.”

Additionally, Cashify flaunts a new elegant look and an easy-to-use user interface that makes the entire process and experience faster than ever. ReGlobe’s wide support options for devices and electronics give every user an opportunity to sell a vast range of old electronic goods on their platform.

When people download this app-based platform on their Android device, there are many features they get access to, including:

The UI Features: an easy to use discovery platform for a plethora of electronic devices.

Optimization for Android Tablet Devices: this offers a fantastic new full-screen interface to make selling much more fun and an engaging experience for users.

In the next six-months, the platform will also feature an algorithm based predictive analysis of when is the right time to sell your phone and at what price.

Cashify is now available for download on any Android device via the Google PlayStore. Apart from this, support for other platforms such as iOS too will be launched soon. Besides Cashify, users can also access ReGlobe’s platform through their website at www.ReGlobe.in.

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