“Capgemini wins Pivotal Customer Impact award”

Capgemini today announced that it has won a 2018 Systems Integrator Partner of the Year for Customer Impact award from Pivotal Software, Inc. Capgemini was honored with the prestigious award during SpringOne Platform in Washington, D.C for its work with Norwegian Pharmacy Association (DIFA) to develop and operate the new pharmacy industry solution in Norway. 

“I am delighted to announce that Capgemini has received a Systems Integrator Partner of the Year for Customer Impact award,” said Nick Cayou, Vice President of Global Ecosystem, Pivotal Software. “This award recognizes partners who have delivered services contributing to notable customer success using Pivotal’s offerings.”

The new solution for which Capgemini was recognized with the Customer Impact award, will empower pharmacies across Norway to deliver new services faster and more cost-effectively, while making it easier for them to comply with application rules and regulations. The architecture will give pharmacies a high degree of freedom in the design of their own customer processes and systems with the goal of improving the connection between pharmacies, citizens and the Norwegian public health service.

“We are pleased to have been recognized with this prestigious customer impact award by Pivotal, based on our effort to both win and deliver the landmark engagement for the Norwegian Pharmacy Association (DIFA). With consistent commitment from Pivotal, we have delivered on the first part of the new microservices based centralized industry platform. The solution will enable the Norwegian pharmacy sector to innovate and deliver new future pharmaceutical services quickly in the future, whilst complying with rules and regulations,” says Fernando Alvarez, Group Head of Strategic Initiatives, Partners-Ecosystems, Capgemini.

Capgemini is a Platinum sponsor of SpringOne Platform, Pivotal’s annual conference. The 2018 Partner Awards announced during the event recognize outstanding solutions and services delivered with Pivotal’s software offerings.