Canonical Announces Juju Charm Cloud Competition

imagesUbuntu makers, Canonical has announced the Juju Charm Championship, as part of which three winners will get a cash prize of $10,000 (£6,578.22) each. For those willing to apply have time till 1 October to create unique Juju cloud ‘orchestration charms’ for one of the three categories: High Availability, Data Mining and Monitoring.

Mark Baker, Ubuntu server and cloud product manager at Canonical wrote in a blog post, “If you haven’t met Juju yet, now’s the ideal time to dive in. Juju is a service orchestration tool, a simple way to build entire cloud environments, deploy scale and manage complex workloads using only a few commands. It takes all the knowledge of an application and wraps it up into a re-usable Juju charm, ready to be quickly deployed anywhere. And you can modify and combine charms to create a custom deployment that meets your needs.”

Besides the cash prize for winners, qualifying participants can be a part of a joint marketing programme with Canonical, which include application slots on and webinars.

“If you’re a Juju wizard, we want to see what magic you’re already creating. If you’re not, now’s a great time to start – it only takes five minutes to get going with Juju,” Baker further said.

The competition is open to individuals, teams, companies and organisations. For full details, you can visit the Juju Charm Championship website.