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Cannot share your posts from feed to stories on Instagram, here’s why!


To keep up with the engagement the social media giant Instagram will be removing the feature to share posts from your feed to the stories section. With time the social media companies find it hard to keep the engagement high.

Many users, organizations, artists, and businesses use this feature to capitalize on Instagram’s algorithm which favors friends and family. This created better chances for the users to engage with like-minded user accounts. However, it may be totally opposite to the strategy Facebook & Instagram adopted for years which encouraged users to use the feature by placing the feature so prominently.

Instagram Notification
Instagram Notification

The prime reason as speculated by many social media specialists is to remove duplicity. It gets annoying to see a post in your feed and then see the same in your friend’s story section.

During this test, you won’t be able to share your photos or videos from your feed to stories.

However, the company has no immediate plans to roll back this feature for all the users. The test is being conducted in a few selected regions only and not every account will be affected by it. It is also unclear that how would the social media company determine the testing regions for this test.

It is to be noted that it is a common practice for social media companies to test features to see the impact on user engagement before rolling out the feature for all the users. Therefore, we are not sure if the feature will be rolled out for all the accounts.

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It is interesting to note that Instagram has recently advised the content creators to refrain from sharing TikTok videos on Instagram platform Reels. Although the social media giants from China and the USA are in a direct head to head fight for dominance in the short video segment, Instagram has not banned TikTok videos yet. Also, you may also see Tweets in Instagram stories as stickers as the microblogging company is testing this new feature.

It would be interesting to see how the social media industry unfolds in the coming days.