Cadyce launches Internet Camera with 2-way audio

Cadyce, a global leader in innovative networking solutions and lifestyle products has launched Internet Camera CA-IP100M. Cadyce CA-IP100M gives Mega-Pixel resolution which gives an excellent picture quality with two way audio, ideal for home and small office surveillance.

Cadyce CA-IP100M has a Micro SD card slot for local storage and Supports 3GPP mobile surveillance. It comes with complimentary camera management SecuGuard software which monitor 64 cameras simultaneously. Cadyce internet camera comes with high performing video compression (H.264) Up to 1280×720 pixels and has also simultaneously helps in multi-profile streaming.
Cadyce CA-IP100M Image

CA-IP100M is easy to install Supports NAS, FTP, Email, Voice alert, notify to HTTP/TCP servers and supports 3GPP mobile surveillance (MPEG4). The camera triggers different actions like Send to NAS, send to FTP, send to Email, Voice alert, save to micro SD card, notify to HTTP/ TCP servers.

On launching its Internet camera Mr Nacheeket Nilekar, Director of Sales said, “The CA-IP100M is one of the unique user friendly IP camera with a resolution up to 1280 x 720 pixels, 2-way audio on VIF support and many more. Cadyce is more focused to make every effort to achieve user requirements, budgetary restrictions and maintain simplicity of the product. By launching such product we fulfil our aim of ‘making life easier’ “.

The Brand Cadyce is recognised for Product Excellence, Innovation, and Reliability. Cadyce’s innovative solutions are designed and developed with passion of “making life easier”.  Cadyce makes it easy to set up a home network and to expand it. It converts technical products into user-friendly solutions which can be used immediately without any problems. Cadyce offers solutions for connecting, communicating and networking.


• H.264 and MJPEG simultaneously

• 1280*720 resolution, max 30fps (720P HD)

• Supports various protocols: RTSP, UPnP, 3GPP, HTTPS, Samba

• Event trigger action: Send to NAS, send to FTP, send to Email, Voice alert, save to micro SD card, notify to HTTP/ TCP servers

• Supports 3GPP mobile surveillance (MPEG4)

• 20 simultaneous unicast users

• Controllable frame rate and bandwidth

• Easy installation with setup wizard