Cadyce Launches Consumer & Enterprise Range of KVM Products

cadyce-logo-182x182-262x174Cadyce a global leader in innovative networking solutions and lifestyle products has announced the availability of their Consumer & Enterprise range of KVM products.

It has been a prime concern for Cadyce to introduce economical and reliable solutions that can reduce the project cost. By using KVM Switch Customer can reduce their hardware cost by minimizing the number of Keyboard, Mouse and monitors. Currently Cadyce has launched below models in KVM range i.e.

CA-KE100 CA-UK200

  •  2 Port Desktop USB KVM Switch              (CA-UK200)
  • 4 Port Desktop USB KVM Switch              (CA-UK400)
  • 8 Port Rack-mount USB KVM Switch       (CA-UK800)
  • 16 Port Rack-mount USB KVM Switch.    (CA-UK1600)
  • USB KVM Extender                                     (CA-KE100)
  • USB KVM Cable 1.8 meter                          (CA-KC180)
  • USB KVM Cable 3 meter                             (CA-KC300)
  • USB KVM Cable 5 meter                             (CA-KC500)

Cadyce’s KVM switches allow the sharing of one local keyboard, mouse, and monitor to access and control as many servers or PCs. With the Cadyce KVM switches users can experience Superior video quality with resolution up to 1080p, Multi-platform support for PCs and Macintosh, Channel selection and operation by using push buttons and keyboard hot keys.

Cadyce’s USB KVM Extender offers uncompressed high definition 1920 x 1200 video along with 2 USB ports over a single CAT5/CAT5e/CAT6 cable, up to distances of 100 meters /328 ft.

The Brand Cadyce is recognised for Product Excellence, Innovation, and Reliability. Cadyce’s innovative solutions are designed and developed with passion of “making life easier”.  Cadyce makes it easy to set up a home network and to expand it. It converts technical products into user-friendly solutions which can be used immediately without any problems. Cadyce offers solutions for connecting, communicating and networking.