“By offering edge cloud services, we hope to improve everyone’s digital user experience, both for individuals and businesses.” – Mr. Amit Singh Managing Director – India, Zenlayer


Here’s the interview snippet from the interaction with Mr. Amit Singh Managing Director – India, Zenlayer

Khushagra: How would you define Cloud Networking Architecture and its implications on the use by top-tier corporate companies and mid-tier companies, how effective and useful are connections between multiple data centers?

Amit: A cloud network is an IT infrastructure where a company’s network resources and capabilities, in part or in full, are hosted. The architecture can be through a service provider, on-demand, or controlled internally. From the standpoint of a cloud customer, many businesses choose to operate in a hybrid cloud architecture or by utilising several cloud service providers (CSPs) in a multi-cloud architecture. The Architecture helps to improve the needs for data processing. Additionally, it causes the cloud’s resources to be scaled up and its services to be updated automatically.

When hacking has emerged as the most significant concern around the globe, data centre interconnection assures security. Additionally, it enables businesses to guarantee the quality of service and performance under all conditions. Companies and organisations now have more options to decide how workload gets allocated and prioritised thanks to Data Centre Interconnection. By connecting their data centres, providers can pool their resources and access the physical and virtual resources of the other data centres. They can balance their workload to prevent protocol and packet transmission overload on their network infrastructure.

Khushagra: We have seen a drastic improvement in the capability of genuine and scalable websites, how important is the CDN platform, and what makes Zenlayer’s CDN unique?

Amit: A CDN can be useful for anyone with a website likely to receive multiple user requests simultaneously. Large, complicated websites with worldwide visitors or considerably dynamic content can benefit the most. Some advantages of CDNs include quicker page loads for users of mobile and web applications. It scales up quickly when there is a lot of traffic. Additionally, it reduces the possibility of traffic peaks at the place of origin by improving site stability and performance. Further, it also lowers the cost of infrastructure.

Zenlayer’s CDN is exceptional in its capacity to interact with dynamic acceleration tools and on-demand networking architecture effortlessly. It is the perfect choice for businesses managing massive amounts of data. Our CDN ensures high availability by multi-server and route redundancy for load optimization. Extending content distribution across six continents is simple because of our user-friendly UI and API support. Real-time analytics, “pay as you go” payment for simple scaling, and various security choices at the source and during transmission are additional features. Content can be delivered in less than 30 milliseconds (ms) to every location in the Zenlayer global network and less than 10 ms in large cities, thanks to the worldwide network of Zenlayer.

Khushagra: Huge Data Centers mean loads of performance and power consumption, what steps Zenlayer is taking to achieve carbon neutral?

Amit: The first step Zenlayer takes toward effective power management is inventorying all IT equipment. We examine current equipment consumption trends across a range of devices. Cooling and electricity drive every data centre’s energy usage, and we identify the inefficient sections that need to be updated, altered, or eliminated. By examining data centre design, system management functions, asset discovery, energy management, and capacity planning, Data Centre Infrastructure Management Tools (DCIM) assisted us in increasing energy efficiency.

Khushagra: Apart from fully achieving the carbon-neutral state, share some opinions on the importance of optimizing power consumption with more efficiency?

Amit: The need for the internet and smart technology means we must decrease the amount of electricity used in data centres and put more effective energy solutions in place to develop sustainable data centres and reduce CO2 emissions.

According to the International Energy Agency, data centres utilize 1% of all the electricity produced globally, and by 2025, they will use 20% of all the energy produced. The servers consume most of the energy but also generate heat and require cooling. Again, this cooling requires a lot of energy and produces massive extra heat. We firmly believe in optimizing power consumption and plan to use the available energy-efficient alternatives to supply energy to our data centres. A clever fusion of innovation and technology is necessary to achieve zero emissions for data centres’ carbon footprint.

Khushagra: What countries and industries constitute a major part of your revenue generation, what are the ways that you are adapting to stay at gradual business growth, in terms of brand value as well as monetary benefits?

Amit: Our primary focus is on developing nations, including those in Asia, the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, and China. These countries have most of our 280 PoP (Points of Presence) centres. Despite having colossal development potential, these areas are not currently well-served by the digital sector. By reducing latency with plug-and-play or specialised edge-based solutions, we provide users throughout India & Southeast Asia with a better digital experience. Our primary focus industries are hybrid clouds, gaming, media & entertainment, cloud service providers, and blockchain.

Zenlayer is continuously developing its edge cloud technology stack to address the growing demand for a better end-user digital experience for its users with extremely low latency and on-demand global connectivity. Another factor in Zenlayer’s continuous success is the happiness of its clients with its specialised offerings, first-rate services, and ease of use as a one-stop-shop. By offering edge cloud services, we hope to improve everyone’s digital user experience, both for individuals and businesses.

Khushagra: Since the COVID, we have seen a drastic rise in the use of computing devices, how well has it benefited Zenlayer?

Amit: Businesses now have to shift toward digitalization to give their employees the option to work from home due to the global lockdown. This shift has increased the market adoption of the edge servers that Zenlayer is deploying. The COVID-19 pandemic’s effects have considerably increased the market for our on-demand edge cloud services. Top technology companies use our edge computing technology to incorporate automation and intelligence into their operations. Throughout the global epidemic, Zenlayer’s on-demand edge cloud services have drawn the majority of attention. The emphasis is shifting toward edge computing, and cloud as COVID-19 enters its third year. All types of businesses want to improve operational responsiveness, end-user digital experiences, and better use of cloud services.

Khushagra: Can you describe how well your data centers and cloud platforms are designed to achieve ultra-low latency?

Amit: Edge computing would address these problems, making applications faster and more resilient by removing the reliance on remote cloud data centres. Edge computing does this by relocating data and computing closer to its clients. Utilizing a private backbone with a capacity of more than 25 Tbps, Zenlayer offers vital services that can bring any company closer to its users at the edge of the network. Customers can connect in under 25 milliseconds to over 85% of the world’s internet users using Zenlayer Bare Metal Cloud, Cloud Networking, and Zenlayer Global Accelerator. Data hosting and edge computing are both possible with our Bare Metal Cloud. Alternatively, if the client already has a configuration, our Cloud Networking solution will make the connection between the edge servers and the public cloud more quickly.

Khushagra: I can’t help but notice one of the sayings on your website, “Good isn’t Good Enough”, would you share some highlights on that ideology?

Amit: We at Zenlayer have this as one of our core values. No matter how good we are, there is always an opportunity for development. To constantly push ourselves and strive for perfection, we adopt a growth mentality and venture outside our comfort zones. Almost everything we need to do to reach our goals involves learning new abilities, routines, facts, and experiences. We have the passion for taking steps we have never taken before to grow from where we are right now to where we want to be.

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