Buzzoka Appeals Influencers to Spread Right Information Through #InfluencersFightCorona

In the wake of Corona Virus scare, Buzzoka, India’s leading influencer marketing company has appealed its network of influencers to spread the right piece of information through social media posts and stories across their social existence. Buzzoka has started a social messaging campaign #InfluencersFightCorona to educate the influencers’ audience.

Buzzoka’s step comes at a time when there is a flood of misinformation and digital media forwards without people authenticating data sources. Since influencer marketing is considered to be the right medium to propagate brand messages, the step comes towards the larger social responsibility that influencers also hold to their audience.

Buzzoka has also appealed to the influencers to only use content pieces that are either coming from the Government of India or the World Health Organization on CoronaVirus.

Commenting on the same, Ashutosh Harbola, CEO & Co-Founder, Buzzoka said, “ We see a lot of misinformation being rolled out through WhatsApp forwards and social media posts and it is actually creating confusion in the mindset of common human beings. So, we are taking this step to appeal to the influencers across India to come out and spread the right word. The Government of India and other concerned authorities are doing their best to prevent the spread of the virus and influencers can help the spread of misinformation. Also, we are appealing all influencers to use only those pieces of information that are validated by either the Government of India or by the World Health Organization. I am sure, India is capable enough to stop the menace through mass propagation of the right word”