“Business advisors support businesses, bridge the gap between them, and improve businesses with expert strategies.” – Mr. Yashraj Bharadwaj, Co-Founder of Petonic

Here’s the interview snippet from the interaction with Mr. Yashraj Bharadwaj, Co-Founder of Petonic

IT Voice Spokesperson: Give us an overview of Petonic and its journey so far?

Yashraj: Petonic is a cutting-edge Project management consulting firm that provides expert advice on the most complex strategic issues to the C-level, Management Body, and executives of Public & Private Sector Companies, Organizations, and Societies. We provide consulting in various industries including Technology, Public Policy & Governance, Healthcare, Economics, Finance, Agriculture, Substantiality, and many other areas. We also cater to several other businesses, including Private Equity, E-Waste Recycling, etc.

Yuvraj and I were 17 when we established Petonic Infotech with the award money, fellowships, and the funds from grants that we had received. We have had a successful run so far and we are now aiming for significant growth.

At Petonic, we work with a collaborative approach as per the specific needs of our clients. Nvidia, Apollo Group, Indraprastha Gas (IGL), the government of Uttarakhand, the government of Jharkhand, and the government of Haryana are some of the renowned brands we have worked for and it is a moment of pride and joy for us that we have achieved various milestones.

IT Voice Spokesperson: Why do organizations need project management consultancy?

Yashraj: In the past, advisors were only hired on a temporary basis. They developed solutions, and then they left. However, in order to establish long-term relationships that provide the deeper insights required to facilitate transformation, consultants must stay informed even when they aren’t actively involved in the situation.

In today’s complex and uncertain world, project management consulting creates innovative and adaptable methods to help organizations succeed. They are focused all the more on Research and believe in creating frameworks to reduce friction, confusion, and underperformance within systems and aim to produce dynamically capable persons.

IT Voice Spokesperson: How the Pandemic affected business and how a consulting firm is playing a vital role in resolving the crisis.

Yashraj: The pandemic has affected enterprises, and global supply chains, and caused massive economic disruption. The situation impacted all sectors across the globe. However, we are glad that for Petonic, the situation was in our favour and we did not witness a decline. Instead, the company has seen exponential growth in the past years. We have provided a plethora of opportunities to our clients to resolve the problems they were facing during the tough days. And we have a major role to play in them coping with the uncertainties and treading on the growth path.

IT Voice Spokesperson: Why is having a business adviser the best investment of an organization?

Yashraj: Business advisors support businesses, bridge the gap between them, and improve businesses with expert strategies. They analyze the weaknesses, strengths, threats, and opportunities of the organizations and reallocate resources to produce better solutions and results.

I believe choosing the best business counselor is the ideal investment for a company in a highly competitive market. Business advisors are the dire need of the hour for businesses due to their unbiased and unprejudiced viewpoints. With their aptitude and experience, they come up with practical solutions and make a lot of difference in the organization. They search for the right investor & partner, identify profitability & growth, and prepare excellent financial policies.

IT Voice Spokesperson: What are your plans for expansion? Top priorities for 2022

Yashraj: Our Plans for expansion has been on since the beginning on 2022. We have already started to spreads our wings and begun to venture into countries like USA and Singapore.  We at Petonic finally started our business in North America From May 2022 onwards. Petonic is also getting into different verticals of business and talks are on for the same. It is too early to talk about these ventures but once confirmed by our Board, we will be more than happy to share the news through digital platforms.

In our existing Indian operations, expansion is like a process that keeps on going. We are setting up new offices in different parts of the country both individually and in partnerships.

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