Building the One-Stop ICT Integrated Cloud-network Platform services to Assist Enterprise’s Overseas Investment

Building the One-Stop ICT Integrated Cloud-network Platform services to Assist Enterprise’s Overseas Investment

Building the One-Stop ICT Integrated Cloud-network Platform services to Assist Enterprise’s Overseas Investment

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The Asia Pacific Target Network Conference held online with the theme of “Consolidate Elastic Target Network, Unlocking New Digital Value” concluded recently. This conference is the second Target Network Conference held in Asia-Pacific region since 2020. Around 500 professionals from government agencies, standards organizations, enterprises, telco operators, and vendors attended the summit. The leading telco operators in the region shared the experiences on creating digital values through flexible and intelligent target network architectures.

On the first day of the conference, Liu Bo, Director of Enterprise Business, Asia Pacific Region at China Mobile International Limited (CMI), delivered a keynote speech on “Build the One-Stop ICT Platform services to Assist Enterprise’s Overseas Investment.” In her keynote speech, Liu Bo said that the integrated cloud-network based on global submarine and land cable resources and the m-Cloud, cloud-network synergy platform is capable of providing one-stop and localized ICT services for Chinese investors in oversea market, and succeed in business.

                       Liu Bo, Director of Enterprise Business, Asia Pacific Region, China Mobile International Limited (CMI)

The process of RCEP integration has attracted the continuous relocation of Chinese industrial chain to ASEAN. RCEP tariff concession arrangements and rules of origin reduce the cooperation costs of intra-regional industrial chains. The export of ASEAN in the electromechanical, chemical and textile trades overlaps with China’s exports to ASEAN. Therefore, RCEP will accelerate the relocation of Chinese industries to ASEAN.

With the acceleration of enterprise in digital transformation, more and more enterprises’ core systems are deployed in cloud, which undoubtedly brings a lot of new requirements, especially the demand of Chinese enterprises for digital upgrades. According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, more than 6,500 Chinese companies have registered in the ASEAN. However, the communications infrastructure and ICT system integration service capabilities in ASEAN are still lagging behind the urgent needs of Chinese enterprises for quality. For example, Chinese enterprises face difficulties in deploying LAN, PON and Wi-Fi services in new factories that seamlessly integrate with the existing Industry Cloud in China how to maintain smooth network connections between branches and HQ Private Cloud, and ensure the quality of Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service in the same time.

After ten years of development, CMI has built more than 80 cloud-connection POPs worldwide which supports ultra-low latency multi-cloud interconnection, cross-border data compliance, rapid deployment and flexible networking. CMI can optimize a portfolio of products and customize an integrated ICT solution for Chinese enterprises.

The network service of application acceleration uses the global backbone network of CMI to perform path optimization including multiple WAN optimization technologies, route optimization, protocol optimization, link optimization and data optimization, to optimize clients’ applications in real time.

The m-Cloud, cloud-network synergy platform of CMI supports online order placement, one-click provisioning and flexible payment. This platform is connected to HUAWEI Cloud and Alibaba Cloud.

CMI has built data centres in Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Frankfurt and co-developed more than 160 data centres overseas. Fully capable of providing one-stop data centre service for corporate clients to meet clients’ needs of local device procurement, connection between overseas branches and headquarters, local LAN deployment, outsourcing and local hosting services, and multi-functional IoT connection management service.

As a long-term partner of CMI, Xu Jinjie, General Manager of Futong Group (Thailand) Communication Technology Co., Ltd., also share Futong’ experience which participating in massive informatization network construction in Thailand and the ASEAN region over the past decade. Working together with CMI, Futong had achieved win-win cooperation results.

Liu Bo said, CMI’s global submarine and terrestrial cable resources and integrated cloud-network which provides reliable and low-latency connection services, will be the most reliable partner for Chinese enterprises.

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