Building Bharat – Jaipur Edition: Seminar organized to discuss technology innovation and new building material

Building Bharat - Jaipur Edition: Seminar organized to discuss technology innovation and new building material

Building Bharat - Jaipur Edition: Seminar organized to discuss technology innovation and new building material

Association of Infrastructure Industry(India) organized Building BharatTM  – Jaipur Edition in ITC, Rajputana – a one-day seminar to discuss technology innovation and new building material which helps the growth of construction in Rajasthan. Association of Infrastructure Industry(India) organizes similar kinds of seminars and workshops for all influencers of the construction industry in India. Building BharatTM  – Jaipur Edition was organized in association with Bangur Cement.

Smi Shubham Chaudhary, Labour Commissioner– department of labor government of Rajasthan inaugurated the seminar. Building BharatTM  – Jaipur Edition focussed on updating the contractors and civil engineers of Rajasthan about labour laws, safety standards in construction sites, earthquake-resistant building construction practices, and how to choose cement to build robust buildings & infrastructure in Rajasthan.

On this occasion, Shri Rajaneesh Dasgupta, Trustee & Director General of Association of Infrastructure Industry(India) said “Rajasthan, a land known for its charming tourist destination is also now gradually becoming home to unprecedented infrastructure development. The recent inking of MoUs worth over Rs. 45, 000 crores at the recently concluded Dubai Expo accentuates the government’s commitment to attracting international investments to the State. A robust infrastructure plays a significant role in syncing developments across industries. With this aim, the Association of Infrastructure Industry (India) is proud to present its Jaipur edition of Building BharatTM. The august gathering at the meet will bring together influencers from the construction industry of Rajasthan. Building BharatTM – Jaipur Edition is dedicated to contactors and civil engineers of Jaipur to acquaint them with innovations in the construction world, not only from a technological point of view but also innovations in building materials and safety standards that are being globally accepted and adopted.”

Shri Sumit Malhotra, Jt.President (Marketing), Bangur Cement said “Contractors are the major pillar in the construction industry and their practices can change the quality standards of the project. Bangur Cement offers one of the greenest products in the industry and a lot of technical innovations to build an Atma Nirbhar and New Bharat.

Onsite project Safety and accident-free site is becoming the new Normal. 33,000 near misses at the site lead to an onsite death as per the safety pyramid. One cannot walk past an unsafe site procedure.

A very fine product can give a very bad result in case it is not applied properly. Building beautiful Bharat requires higher skill labors and Bangur cement is working with the bottom-most person in the pyramid to improve this.

The consumer is becoming increasingly aware and demanding on delivered homes and offices. With global warming, the instances of earthquakes are increasing and hence consumer is demanding earthquake-resistant buildings. This requires better construction knowledge and practices by contractors.

It is said that “Change the man and the world will change” and the same applies to our contractor brothers to Building Beautiful Bharat”

Shri Anand Saraswat, President, Contractor Association of Rajasthan said “The growth of the construction industry in any State eventually paves way for robust infrastructure development. A technologically sound construction industry that is abreast with the recent innovations and developments is the need of the hour, keeping in mind the recent advancements that Rajasthan is witnessing in industrial and real estate development. The Contractor Association of Rajasthan represents the collective thoughts, issues, and solutions of the contractors of Rajasthan, which works for the betterment of construction in Rajasthan. We are glad to be partnering with the Association of Infrastructure Industry(India) and Bangur Cement in this congregation of influencers under Building BharatTM – Jaipur Edition to discuss various labour laws & issues, safety standards, earthquake-resistant construction designs, and new building material for the growth of construction in Rajasthan”

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