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Kaspersky- global cybersecurity and anti-virus brand.

The budget is going to be announced tomorrow and we would like to share a quote by Kaspersky India with you on the same.
In case you are working on any budget stories, would request you to use the below quote attributable to Mr. Dipesh Kaura, General Manager, Kaspersky (South Asia)

“This year’s budget is crucial across businesses in India. While we have seen a steady increase in the cybersecurity budgets globally, we are expecting the same in India too this year. India in recent years has shown growth in its initiative to become a digital nation and we can see the Government increasing cybersecurity awareness in the country. As an industry, we are hoping that this is reflected by the government in their new budget as well.

Proper investment in critical infrastructure cybersecurity will only accelerate the nation’s Digital Transformation. Funds also should be focused on supporting skill development & training of aspiring students who aim to become cybersecurity professionals, as well as for the government and already existing large enterprise employees to fight the evolving cyberthreats. Cybersecurity Awareness campaigns for general consumers should also be a major focus of the budget.”

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