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Budget Expectation from Technology Veteran – Absolutdata, a firm providing customize AI solutions globally

Ms. Sudeshna Datta, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, Absolutdata.

“As part of the Union Budget2020, we expect the government to put forth focused initiatives that will help India strengthen the momentum of its digital growth and contribute to the global growth story. India is steadily paving its path towards becoming a knowledge economy. However, there is a need for a key focus on upskilling and reskilling amongst the existing workforce and the country’s youth. This will help to bridge the pressing skill-gap and enable them to effectively navigate through the dynamics brought about by new and emerging technologies.

As we continue to witness a rapid digital transformation across industries, we hope that the Indian government will extend further support towards developing technological innovations and give a boost to new-age businesses in the ecosystem. We look forward to seeing more investments in the Artificial Intelligence sector, in particular, as indicated in the interim budget so that the benefits of AI technology can truly reach the masses. The delivery of this should be given priority in the short, medium and long term as well, in order to transform the architecture of our society into one that is forward-thinking and future-ready.”

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