Budget 2023- Basant Mehta BlueBell Computers

Basant Mehta BlueBell Computers

This  budget will  increase  the  demand of  IT products & services  from Auto, Pharma &  Banking  industries. With the set up of skill  India international  centres across  states with a focus on AI, robotics & IoT,  we are witnessing  large  demand  in IT procurements  from R&D institutes. Focus on digital payment & computerization of  agri societies will also create  demand  for internet & last mile connectivity equipments.

The government and education segments are also seeing some PC orders which can drive small volumes in the commercial segments in  this quarter. But the impact of  overall  government procurement  would be minimal for   most of the small  time  players/ value  added  resellers in the country,  who are  inactive over  marketplaces.

We are able to  see  good   impact of  this budget  for  System Integrators  ( SIs)  and   large size IT partners, who are able to cater multi location supply chain system as well. The change  in tax slab in this  budget will save more money  in every pocket.

Particularly in the context of  retails sales, the growing market  of  refurbished PC/Laptop will  impact largely over  the sale of  big brands in smaller  towns, and at the  same time people are now getting used to glass keyboards and ditch regular PC keyboards, thus  the demand of Smartphone/Tablet  is going to  further boost against  PC/Laptops there.

Supply disruptions are no longer an immediate concern, but softening of demand of new PC/Laptop across first time user segment is a major worry for authorized  dealer community in India.

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