Bring Your Daily Forecast to Life with Yahoo Weather on Android

Yahoo today announced the latest android update by taking the award-Yahoo_Vizifywinning experience on the Yahoo Weather App even further. With the latest Android update, users can see weather conditions—fog, rain, heat, snow, lightning, and frost—animated through leveraging bleeding-edge graphics technology typically only seen in video games.

We’re excited to take your weather experience to the next level, as we make it even more delightful. You can watch gently falling snowflakes or sky-splitting lightning flash across your screen as Yahoo Weather breathes life into your daily forecast.

In September, we brought a few of these animated effects to iOS8, and today we’re adding frost and lightning to the mix. So, instead of just reading about the icy cold, you’ll actually see the frost creep onto your screen.

Check it out as you plan for holiday travel or your daily commute! Update your Yahoo Weather app or download the latest version on the App Store and Google Play today.