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Breaking Through in Construction: Strategies for Tech Companies to Succeed in a Traditional Industry-

Although the construction sector has historically been sluggish to adopt new technologies, interest in digitization and innovation has grown recently. The adoption of digital technologies has the potential to boost the construction industry’s productivity by 50–60%, according to a McKinsey report. Tech businesses should think about the following tactics if they want to succeed in the construction sector:

Determine the industry’s problems.

The complicated and fragmented character of the construction business is one of its major issues. Tech firms should carry out in-depth study to pinpoint the industry’s problems, such as ineffective procedures, safety issues, and a lack of openness. By recognising these problems, businesses can create solutions that cater to the particular requirements of the sector.

Cooperate with sector professionals

Because the construction sector is so specialised, tech businesses might not have the essential domain knowledge to independently build useful solutions. The knowledge and experience required to create successful solutions can be given to tech businesses by teaming up with industry specialists, such as architects, engineers, and contractors. Also, by forming these connections, the industry can develop reputation and trust.

User-centered design as a priority

For developers to provide solutions that satisfy the demands of experts in the construction sector, user-centered design is crucial. End-users should be directly involved in the design process so that tech businesses may better understand their demands and create products that are simple to use. Tech companies can boost the adoption rate of their solutions and raise user happiness by putting a strong emphasis on user-centered design.

Provide solutions that work with current procedures

The construction industry has established processes and workflows that have been in place for decades. Tech businesses that can provide solutions that smoothly work with current procedures will succeed more often. This approach can also help to reduce the learning curve for end-users, making it easier for them to adopt new technologies.


Make use of new technology

The construction sector has the potential to be completely transformed by cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Tech firms that can create products utilising these technologies will significantly benefit the market. For instance, IoT-enabled sensors can increase safety on building sites while AI-powered construction management software can assist in automating project management chores.

Create a powerful network

Success in the construction industry depends on developing a strong network. Building relationships with important stakeholders, taking part in trade groups, and attending industry events may all help tech companies become more visible and respected in their sector. Also, it can offer beneficial chances to present novel solutions and obtain client feedback.


In conclusion, the construction sector is primed for digital disruption, and tech firms have a big chance to succeed. Tech companies can create efficient solutions that address the needs of the construction industry and spur innovation by identifying industry pain points, working with experts in the field, putting a strong emphasis on user-centered design, integrating with current processes, utilising emerging technologies, and building a strong network.

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