February 25, 2021

BPE Introduces IDU Mini Data Cube, an ‘All in One’ Integrated Datacenter Solution

BPE, India’s leading online uninterruptible power solution provider, today announced the launch of the IDU Mini Data Cube. It’s an all in one datacenter solution with integrated UPS, power distribution, precision air-conditioner, monitor system, water leakage detection and fire protection.
BPE’s IDU Mini Data Cube comply with highest quality standard and consist of precision cooling-6U, lightning protection & PDU-4U, fire suppression-1U,UPS-3U, battery pack-3U(Optional). It’s an integrated data center solution which helps improve efficiency in data center and offers effective management & operation capability while leaving a smaller footprint.
Amitansu Satpathy, Director at BPE said, “We are pleased to introduce IDU Mini Data Cube. Data center nowadays looks for integrated solutions which can reduce operating costs and also consume less space. Our latest product will eliminate most of the problems faced by IT managers in the data center.”
“We are committed towards delivering cost effective products without compromising the availability and reliability of our products,” he added.
BPE’s IDU Mini Data Cube not only meet the requirements of cloud computing and virtualization, but also lower the capital investment required for the setup. The compact size of IDU Mini Data Cube reduces the floor area and comes with dust proof, noise cancelling, ensuring continuous power supply with the battery after power off.