March 8, 2021

BPE appoints IRIS computer as National Distributor

Best Power Equipment (I) Pvt. Ltd (BPE) a supplier of UPS range 600VA, 6000 KVA appointed one of the leading IT products distribution company IRIS computer LTD, as the National Distributor for its Power Products.


Rupesh Kumar Sr. GM., said, “IRIS has a wide network, 33 branches, and lot of system integrators are already aligned with them, will boost BPE’s penetration into IT system integrator channels various power requirements.”  Vishal, AGM, BPE, said, ” We have launched two partner specific program,  BPPC ( Best Power Corporate Partner ) and BPPV (Best Power Volume Partner ) program, which is uniquely designed to attract Channels, where BPE will focuses on Partners maximum investment and  committed mutual business revenue  and 7% assured Margin,  etc.”