Boxlight Launches Worlds First Short Throw True Lazor Projector under JoyJector Series

BOXLIGHT Technologies Ltd. has announced the release of the b_SmallBoxlight True Lazor Projector Series called as JoyJector , the latest addition to their patented, award winning, projector line; featuring 24×7 working, 3000 to 6500 Lumens, Full HD, 100000:1 contrast, Variety of Compatible Lens, Electric Displacement Technology, Also features like interactive Dual User annotation capabilities.

Boxlight engineering projector is a new light source without lamp. The new laser source life runs up to 20000 hours, has the characteristics of high defination, high brightness and high contrast. (high brightness 6000Lumens / high definition(WXGA/HD) / high contrast 100000:1)

The light source life of Boxlight laser engineering projector runs up to 20,000 hours, which has a 10 times improvement compared with traditional lamp.

Boxlight laser projector life improved means less after-sale maintenance.Low labor cost,travel expense,and maintenance cost

Boxlight Laser source provides better color purity and wider color gamut than traditional lamps, which renders the image more vividly and realistically.

Boxlight laser engineering projector adopts pure laser light source, with long life runs up to 20000H, wide color gamut, colorful image,and high-speed Power off.
Laser display system is composed of 3 parts: blue laser light source, optical engine, and screen. Optical engine consists of 4 parts: DMD, lighting system, projector lens, DMD drive. The mirror on DMD quickly overturn generates a corresponding small picture, then modulates R,G,B there lighting by filter wheel. Finally,through projector lens the laser image is projected on the screen.

Technology of double color wheel:
Blue laser light source motivates the phosphors on phosphor wheel, then modulate spectroscopy by coated filter wheel, two pieces of wheels rotate synchronously to maximize the color and brightness.

Ultimate colour + Enhanced contrast
Providing true and accurate color and equipped with 4 colors wheel (RGBY), which brings colorific deepness and wideness that other small color wheels can’t reach. Excepting international standard color gamut Rec. 709, it also have 3D colour management function, which achieve RGBCMY six colors adjustments independently. Another, it’s accompanied by there kinds of preset and custom modes, people can control color performance flexibly according to individual needs.

It is widely used in science and technology museum, corporate/ medical institution, and school. High quality image successfully meets customer need.
The Lazor Projector Series name is JoyJector Series and much cost effective than Sony, Panasonic etc

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