Bose Launches Bluetooth Headsets With Noise Cancellation Feature

Vhz741127PM682013The latest from Bose Corporation are the AE2w Bluetooth-enabled headphones, the QuiteComfort 20 In-Ear Monitor (IEM) with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature, and a portable speaker—SoundLink Mini.

The AE2w receives calls and streams music. Its detachable module controls the volume, pairs with other devices, and answers calls. Bose supplies an audio cable that will connect module to the headset. The battery life is of seven hours. It can be recharged through a micro-USB cable. AE2w costs Rs 19,013.

The QuiteComfort 20 allows a user to control its noise cancellation feature through an Aware module. When enabled, Aware lets in external sound and the user can listen to important announcements or traffic noise. Both units work for 16 hours on Lithium-ion batteries. These can be charged through a micro-USB connection on the Aware circuit box. The noise cancellation feature works only till the batteries retain charge. Bose will launch this product in September 2013 in India for Rs 22,338.

The SoundLink Mini is made from anodized aluminum and weighs 680 grams. Bose has installed two transducers in it that move twice the volume of air as conventional transducers. These are connected to passive radiators. The Mini uses Bluetooth A2DP and memorizes six of the recently paired devices. It works on Lithium-ion battery and charges through a cradle. One charge lasts for seven hours. Bose will start selling the SoundLink Mini from August 2013 for Rs 16,200.

Users may buy three soft covers for the Mini at Rs 1,350 each and a travel bag for Rs 2,250.