January 27, 2021

Blizzard Hasn’t Blacklisted Linux Users

A few days back, Linux gamers were not able to download the Blizzard_EntertainmentBattle.net app, the application used for installing the Blizzard games. People assumed that they would not be able to download the game ever, citing their previous experiences. After all, Blizzard knows that though it is not a native platform, Linux users do play the game and use this application.

“Hi, I’m having some trouble accessing the downloads page. If I visit https://us.battle.net/account/management/download/ from a browser that has the OS portion of the user-agent missing or a typical, I get an error message. This also happens if the OS portion is anything except Windows or OSX. I’m no Web designer, but it looks to me like the Web server just fails hard when it doesn’t exactly recognise the user-agent,” a Linux player wrote on the official battle.net forums.

However, speculations went wrong after one of the developers fixed the issue immediately. We released a new version of the downloader page last week. Evidently, there is a bug in some new platform/browser detection routines. We’ll get it sorted out ASAP. Thanks for letting us know!” he said.

The issue was resolved as promised by the developer. Hence, it seems that their system is no longer banning users with Wine. The relationship between video game publishers Activision and Blizzard is absolutely fine with Linux community as well as its gamers!