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Blink II Aims To Be The First Highly Exclusive Commercially Successful Smartwatch In India.

In an attempt to bolster the growth of wearable market, Blink LogoBlink Technologies, founded by Aditya Saxena and Rishabh Rajagopalan, is launching the second installment of its watches called, the, Blink II in India, and gradually expanding itself to, other countries. The Blink II is an electronic watch that connects to any bluetooth mobile phone, be it Android or iPhone. With an ARM7, a 10 day battery level, and the Apatosaurus OS 1.0, it comes with a silicon wristband, and an easy-to-understand enchiridion.

When connected to the phone over bluetooth, it allows you to check messages, call reminders, and other notifications. It also allows you to check Mails, Social Media notifications, and other apps. It can also act as a remote control for the phone. A travelling user-interface, a pedometer, and an altimeter, makes Blink II a perfect device to keep track of your fitness. Blink II is based on Aditya Saxena’s version of BASIC, and would have a close-sourced real time operating system.

It has an initial launch date of July 10th, 2015 in India.
Blink technologies is also planning for organizing an invite-only conference on the topic: Future of Technology, right after the lunch, at New Delhi. The Blink II supports working together with any Android smartphones and iPhones, unlike Samsung’s competing Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which only works with a few of Samsung’s own Galaxy handsets. The watch features an aluminum body and comes with a silicone wristband.

As of June 13, 2015, Blink II has been initially decided to be sold at consumer electronic stores, attracting people from throughout the country to have a look at this revolutionary gadget.