BlazeClan Speaking and Exhibiting at AWS Summit 2018

BlazeClan Technologies, the leading cloud consulting company, will be participating in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Global Summit 2018 to unfold how architectures in the cloud era should follow “four commandments“- highly available, resilient, adaptive, and must be data-driven.

BlazeClan will be showcasing its cloud offerings at Booth D4 and would be extensively talking about AWS infrastructure that best-fits today’s cloud era. Also, they will be explaining how to control multiple complex DevOps cases with a unique discovery “adaptive-based methodology”.

Being excited for AWS Summit, Varoon RajaniCEO at BlazeClan said, “It’s a privilege to be a part of such a huge event and get a chance to connect with industry veterans, experts and professionals and able to share views on cloud architecture in the 21st century. Today, Cloud is fundamentally changing the way organizations approach IT.”

Cloud has brought the promise of financial and business benefits including reduction in IT capital and operational expenditures. But there are concerns/issues which need to be addressed. Through my session, will be traversing on 3A’s necessity in the 21st century architectures Cloud. By 3A, I mean- Advantageous, Adaptable & Available. This simple rule can add value and ensures faster growth at reduced costs.”

AWS Summit provides us the platform to nurture our relationship with partners and customers. We are eagerly looking forward to it,” said Deepak Kagliwal, Director – Sales and MarketingBlazeClan Technologies. “The Indian IT market is changing like any other market. We have been in the cloud market for a long time and completely understand the challenges and specific needs of customers with changing IT environmentsWith this participation, we will be addressing that data is ruling the IT industry and to stay strong in the game, companies need to follow data-driven approach.”

Founded in 2010, BlazeClan Technologies specializes in cloud consulting & managed services and has a strong international presence in the ANZ, ASEAN region, Europe and Americas with a primary delivery center in India.

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