Blaupunkt launches TS200 Tower Speakers in India

Blaupunkt, the German iconic brand,launched its all new TS200Tower speakersin the Indian market. Audiophiles were waiting a long time for this level of technology. And these tower speakersexceed all their expectations.

Desipite being way ahead of anything else in this highly competitive market Blaupunkt has kept the price at an amazing INR 24,990 (available on This is sure to delight people looking for a superior sound experience without breaking the bank.

In terms of the tech the TS200 pack into their sleek bodies. Let’s start with connectivity. Here nothing has been left out. Today’s generation sources music and content from a multitude of devices. All these are welcome and hook up very easily with these speaker. Apart from the regular list of ports, USb, AUX, RCA and Bluetooth, you will also find an HDMI connection and FM radio. As you can see everything is welcome.

Then there is the construction of the speakers. We are talking about solid wood here. Nothing gives the sound the quality that wood does. And Blaupunkt has made sure it has the best. The speakers are not light as the wooden construction is thick and heavy. The wood is finished in two colours – Natural and Black. Each looks great and exudes asleek sense of sophistication.

At a whopping 200watts there is enough power to make the room shake. This power is perfectly balanced. The high and mid ranges come through crystal. And the thick bass gives a richness that needs to be heard to understand. There is a also a full function remote with an equalizer that lets you fine tune the sound to your taste.

And there is something new here too. Blaupunkt has included a wired MIC that allows you to get on the floor and perform like a rockstar. Perfect for Karaoke nights, stand up comedy or even to be the MC of an event.

Product Specifications:                          


Specification- TS200 Tower Speakers



Driver Unit

10” x 2, 4” x 2, 1.5” x 2

Audio Input



Yes (1 wired mic included)

Tower Size



Yes (with Equalizers)

Special Features

·         Round edges – Available in Black and Brown

·         Multiple connectivity options like, HDMI, optical, USB, AUX-in and Bluetooth

·         Pure Wooden Tower for crystal clear sound and deep bass.

·         Fully functional remote with all features

Selling Price

INR 24,990


Talkingabout the launch in India,Mr. Sukhesh Madaan CEO, Blaupunkt Audio India said,“Weare thrilled to introduce TS200Tower Speakers in India. Blaupunkt has always lived up to the standards of Indian market and expectations of the consumers.We believe that our product will emerge as one of the preferred product for GenXwith its performance-tuned sound will surely become the first choice of Indian users in the home audio market”.


Powerful Sound :Movies, music or any other audio content feel different with these speakers. 200 watts of power give them more volume, richer bass and perfect fidelity.

Floor Standing Speakers :Tall, dark and handsome, that is the perfect way to describe these speakers. The finish is marvelous with smooth surfaces and a very sophisticated design. Being made of wood they have a presence that help them stand a shoulder above everything else.

Enhanced Tweeters: While the bass is flows thick and deep it is the tweeters in these speakers that are the real gems. 2 silk dome tweeters deliver crystal clear treble and give you a listening experience like never before. 

True Wood: Wood is the chosen material for all premium speakers. And you will find the best here. The entire speaker cabinet is made ofreal wood and you can not only hear the difference it make but also see it.

Karaoke Ready: Get ready to rock the stage with the karaoke mode. The wired mic included allows you to show off your talents. You sound better and get rocking harder.

Multiple Connectivities: Pit is all about connectivity today. And you get them all here. Bluetooth, USB, AUX-IN, HDMI, ARC & RCA are all included.