Bizongo,Takes On The Swachh Bharat Challenge As Its First Startup Social Responsibility

Sixty-nine years of Independence later, we are still far away from proudly calling ourselves a clean country! Potholes, garbage dumps Independence Day Social Driveat every street corner and filthy water bodies vilify our land.

This Independence Day, the team at Bizongo has decided to take a step towards a cleaner India. Taking up the ‘Swachh Bharat Challenge’ initiated by the Central Government, Bizongo organized a clean up of Damodar Park on 14th of August. Being a B2B startup dealing with chemicals, plastics and packaging, Bizongo is calling this the launch of their ‘Startup Social Responsibility’- a word play on the ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ that one is familiar with. on the initiative, co-founder Aniket Deb said, “Every big accomplishment begins with small steps. We couldn’t find a better time to launch our Startup Social Responsibility program. Although we may be a small bunch of 30-odd people, we think, every effort counts.”

Not stopping with their own work, Bizongo is all set to challenge fellow startups to continue the trail of good work that the Swachh Bharat Challenge has begun.

Parallel to their socially responsible initiative, the team has also inaugurated curated Clean-up Kits on their website. Comprising of ear-to-ear masks, pairs of gloves and garbage bags, this kit can be bought at a subsidized price in order to spur other startups, individuals and agencies to take up their own cleaning challenges. With a couple of options in terms of quantity, these kits, when ordered in bulk are further discounted by a significant margin.

“The kit is meant to serve as a quick-to-source option. Many organizations find it tedious to source cleaning products from different retailers. Saving them time and giving them a solution at an economical price will encourage them to pick the broom and keep their environment clean,” Deb adds.

As responsible citizens and more importantly, people concerned about their own health and hygiene, it is hoped that more teams come forward and contribute to creating a spic and span nation, taking inspiration from Bizongo.

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