downloadBitcoinSource, a leader in Bitcoin news and information, has launched, a crypto-currency exchange that allows users worldwide to buy and sell Bitcoins and Litecoins quickly and easily.

Based in Belize, is owned and operated by DCE24 Group Ltd., a recognized market leader in digital currency ventures and investments.

“Our goal was to simplify the process of acquiring and selling crypto-currencies for the average person interested in jumping into Bitcoins and other currencies of that nature,” said Michael Carter, CTO of DCE24 Group Ltd., and “The process really needed to become easier and more intuitive in order to become more mainstream, and I believe we are accomplishing just that with,” he added. prides itself in quick transaction speed, funding accounts promptly and cashing out user balances quickly as well. The company also holds up to 98% of customer funds in cold wallets and offline in bank vaults to prevent theft or loss, a tactic intended to protect against many of the problems plaguing other Bitcoin exchanges. In the coming weeks, the company plans to introduce Visa and Mastercard payments as well, to facilitate even quicker transactions for its users.

The website, is currently in the beta-testing phase, but is fully operational, and plans to roll out the complete market ready incarnation of the platform in the coming days. The BitSource exchange platform, licensed from Alphapoint Corporation, also has an API available for developers who want to tie their offerings into the BitSource exchange, or feature current exchange rates in their websites or projects.

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