February 24, 2021

Bitdefender Offers Faster, Better Anti-virus series

Bitdefender new Line of Anti-Virus with Photon Technology
Bitdefender new Line of Anti-Virus with Photon Technology

Bitdefender has been raising the bar  to set new standards in proactive threat prevention and virus removal since its start in 2001. The world class infrastructure and first class products have enabled the company to increase its presence in over 100 countries globally.

The company has now launched new line of anti-virus which has New security features lightning-fast Photon technology, iron-clad banking and shopping protection.

The new line of product Bitdefender Photon™ is loaded with new technology that tailor-fit to each user’s computer for fast scanning, a quicker boot time, smooth interaction with apps and the same award-winning detection rate. Company’s innovation department has also introduced the New Wallet, which allows quick access to crucial data while keeping it safe.

Bitdefender Chief Security Strategist Catalin Cosoi, explaining the new line of product, said, “Rampant cybercrime, explosive growth in internet use and advances in criminal technology have made internet security more important than ever this year, meaning we had to design the best product ever. We aimed to create a product that can adapt to each user’s system for maximum efficiency and highly discreet protection, while offering new features and advanced technologies for safe online banking, protection of personal information and the fastest response to the most aggressive cyber threats out there.”

Bitdefender Safepay™, with the power of New Wallet keeps sensitive data secure along with its earlier function of efficiently protecting online transactions.  Autopilot allows users to watch movies or play games without fear of interruption, privacy protection in Facebook guards users from privacy breaches and dangerous links, Anti-Theft lets users lock, wipe or find a stolen device remotely, and parental control now includes coverage on all Windows environments –including Windows 8 and RT.

Bitdefender’s Antispam technology has received the maximum no of awarded in the history of the prestigious VBSpam awards. The software operates from the cloud. A completely new Security Report quietly assures users of their safety while steering them toward even greater security with custom recommendations and notifications.