“BLACKbox empowers your enterprise to achieve the objectives of Data Loss Prevention and Data Theft Prevention from your servers, laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile phones” – Bishwajit Sutradhar, Full Interview

BLACKbox is an innovative pathbreaking product by Synersoft Technologies designed for organizations to prevent data loss and data theft from servers, laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Here is a snippet from a recent interaction between Bishwajit Sutradhar, VP of Channel Sales, Synersoft Technologies, and team IT-Voice.

Prateek: What is the vision behind BLACKbox?

Bishwajit Sutradhar: Slowly and gradually SMEs across the globe are using Information Technology for the smooth functioning of operations management. Creating digital assets like documents, spreadsheets, emails, intellectual properties, and or ERP is part of the digitalization. These digital assets must necessarily be secured and this requires SMEs to invest in systems to safeguard the digital assets from loss, theft, manipulation, cyber-attacks, and frauds.

We at Synersoft have focused on the requirements of SMEs while developing BLACKbox. The innovative product will match the requirements of Small and Medium Enterprises by simplifying the IT infrastructure. Additionally, it also helps in reducing the yearly IT cost for SME owners.

Prateek: India is a diversified market. Does Synersoft offer custom products/services to SMEs according to their unique requirements?

Bishwajit Sutradhar: Yes, BLACKbox is developed keeping an eye on the diversified usages. Therefore, it could be used for laptop security, mobile security, laptop recovery, as a service, and by all kinds of enterprises with any number of users. It will also cater to the needs of all kinds of businesses. We are already serving Architectural firms, Chartered Accountants, Automation and Robotics companies, Pharma Equipment Manufacturers, etc.

Prateek: Many IT professionals in India are unaware of the Data Privacy Regulations in India. What must the IT companies do to generate awareness and how solutions by Synersoft can be of help?

Bishwajit Sutradhar: Virtual seminars are organized by Synersoft from time to time to create awareness about the challenges and solutions in the Information Technology domain. Our experienced leadership hosts the virtual event and usually, it is a two-way communication where they answer the queries of the audience as well. These could be attended by IT professionals and representatives of the IT firms after the registration.

Certainly, there is unawareness about the Data Privacy Regulations in India. We are doing our part to create awareness and the subject will be discussed in the coming up events.

Prateek: Please throw some light on the disadvantages of running multiple data protection solutions simultaneously.

Bishwajit Sutradhar: If you run multiple solutions simultaneously, it overall hampers the workflow of the daily task, impacting IT Department Costing, as well as management, becomes challenging so as to maintain them and also impacting company’s yearly recurring expense for renewal.

Prateek: New cybersecurity challenges have emerged with the new work-from-home culture. How can the enterprises benefit from the Work from Home solution by Synersoft?

Bishwajit Sutradhar: Most of the MSEs are not ready to face the emerging challenges of new work-from-home culture. Data security and safety measures are the prime concerns of these companies. The latest model of BLACKbox is equipped with an in-built VPN server. The enterprise data could be shared with the users by access permissions and access to company-based ERP shared through a VPN.

Further, the BLACKbox Duo feature bifurcates the personal computer of the employee into two parts; namely personal and enterprise zone. Employees are allowed to connect to the enterprise zone through VPN securely. On the other hand, employees can access personal data freely on the same device. These features have eased the situation for enterprises and employees by giving them the freedom to work remotely and securely.

Prateek: Many organizations suffer losses in revenue and reputation due to ransomware attacks. What could be done to prevent data loss and why Data Loss Prevention by BLACKbox is a preferred choice?

Bishwajit Sutradhar: Companies must be proactive and get a DLP solution in the first place. Data loss could be attributed to accidental or intentional deletion of data, ransomware attack, accident, or hardware failure. In either case, the loss of data could bring serious economic threats. DLP solution by BLACKbox works on the Active Global Recycle Bin. It is accessible by the admin only and the admin has the right to restore deleted data. The BLACKbox solution ransomware creates two data zones – bit-locked zone known as Vault and un-bit-locked zone, known as workspace. With the DCDR and Duo facility, the data loss is minimized to a day, and the rest of the data is kept secure. Our ransomware recovery solution is based on vault and workspace technology.

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