December 4, 2020

Biostar NM70I-1037U is yet again awarded

The Biostar NM70I-1037U motherboard receives yet another award. This time is received the Silver award from WWW.OVERCLOCKERSTECH.COM. After testing the motherboard on various parameters, they came to the following conclusion:-image003

Biostar have certainly got a well performing product on their hands and it is extremely cost effective too, of which should appeal to a myriad of differing system builders. The BIOS is a little basic however by using a third-party software overclocking tool, one can easily attain a stable 2.6 GHZ if cooled by water. One can truly value what BIOSTAR have to offer with this product. With the on board CPU which is a real and viable alternative to either a ATOM process or an add on CPU, then things look rosy indeed. A very good product from Biostar and a real and effective solution for a low-cost Home Theatre PC.” –


 The test revealed some of the key points which made Biostar better 

·         Extremely Cost effective.

·       On board CPU better than ANY ATOM solution

·         Fair amount of SATA ports

·         Performs very well for its price bracket.