November 25, 2020

“BIOSTAR is the first motherboard supplier to introduce the “Hi-Fi” technology “Mr. Eric Tung, Marketing Manager, BioStar

Mr. Eric Tung, Marketing Manager, BioStar

BioStar has recently launched  Hi-Fi Z77X ATX board which has been getting good reviews. IT Voice team had the opportunity of interacting with Mr. Eric Tung, Marketing Manager, BioStar over an e-mail interview. 

Shweta) Please tell about the company and the product profile in brief.

Mr. Eric Tung,  Marketing Manager, BioStar
Mr. Eric Tung, Marketing Manager, BioStar

Mr. Tung: BIOSTAR is a Taiwan based company engaged in design, research, development, production and distribution of computer hardware products. Our major products include personal computer motherboards, graphic cards and embedded solutions.

Shweta) How are you building the channel partner ecosystem to address your target segment?
Mr. Tung: We work closely with our distributor who’s really concentrated and experienced in this highly competitive market place. Our goal is to provide high quality products with solid after services and creative marketing activities, and we always secure maximum benefits to our channel partners.

Shweta) What are your plans for catering to your target market in India?
Mr. Tung: A reliable product with high performance and reasonable cost is now a must to have, and we keep coming out with new creative features such as “Hi-Fi technology”. On top of that, supreme after services is also our first priority and that is something we never stopped improving from day one.
Shweta) With well-established vendors present in India, what benefits can channel partners get by associating with Biostar?
Mr. Tung: In order to offer maximum benefits to our channel partners, we decided not to press for higher sales volume; instead we leave higher profit margin to partners. We also minimize channel conflicts by appointing just one distributor who’s also willing to follow the rules. On the other hand, we focus on entry to mid-end level product segment with aggressive price strategy to create market demand and eventually it will bring maximum benefits to BIOSTAR channel partners.

 How has been the response for recently launched Hi-Fi Z77X ATX board which is being targeted at audiophiles and home-theatre PC (HTPC) enthusiasts?
Mr. Tung: BIOSTAR is the first motherboard supplier introducing the “Hi-Fi” technology with cost free, users just love it. The “Hi-Fi” series is now becoming the most popular product line in our family. We’re also happy to see our competitors are doing the same thing now, obvious that means we did it right and we did it first.

Shweta) So what else is new for the gaming motherboard market?
Mr. Tung: We want to make a product that is unique, fun and affordable, that’s why we try not to use too many useless and expensive hardware on board. For gamers, they simply need 3 things. 1: high speed which comes from CPU itself; 2: extreme visual experience which requires an independent graphic card; and 3: high quality sound which BIOSTAR’s “Hi-Fi” or “Hi-Fi 3D” technology can definitely meet that requirement.

Shweta) What are the different activities planned for channel partners in India?
Mr. Tung: We wish to work closer with local media, sending out more boards for review, creating more fans in social media, regular roadshows and product launch events and etc.