Biostar Exclusively Launches Its High End RACING Series Z170 / B150 Models In India

Gaming Setup

For the Gamers on the go, Biostar exclusively launches its new gaming portfolio for the millennial gamers in India. Focusing on the PC Gaming and eSports in India, it announced, the world renowned line up of *Racing Z170 series and Racing B150 series high end motherboards and Biostar Keyboard and Mouse, *designed to create the perfect balance of gaming prowess that work in tandem with each other to provide a seamless immersive Gaming experience like never seen before!

Motherboard Range

Combining innovative Technology, latest know-how and ultimate customization with compatibility defines the Racing Series at Biostar. *Designed on the Super 5 Design concept, the newest Racing Series shall boast 5 key features -**I/O Armor protects read IO Panel and electric components from static electricity and dusts with fancy F1 Formula** design , Vivid LED DJ features options for designing RGB LED visual effect on your own, 5050 LED fun feature for the DIY lovers, GT Touch features exclusive Touch panel on board instead bottom and lastly Dual BIOS with dual protection with different design than others .*

Commenting on the exclusive launch to Indian Markets, Mr. Jesse Chen, Sales Director IMEA, says, “We are thrilled and excited to bring these products to the Indian markets. Our products are packed with features which will make them stand out and provide the best possible experience. Recently the gaming trend in customizing and building color themed gaming PCs, has emerged as one of the key factor among gamers, in selecting their motherboards when building gaming system. We have taken this point into consideration while creating our new Racing series of motherboards featuring the vivid LED DJ feature. The latest at Biostar has arrived ready to tick every box on Gamers wish lists, delivering performance with pure gaming audacity.