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Bing AI is all set to get a Mobile Widget along with deeper integration with SwiftKey and Edge Browser

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has unveiled a range of exciting updates for its Bing AI chatbot, with some features already being rolled out. These updates were announced earlier this month and include the ability to respond with images, videos, graphs, and knowledge cards, resulting in improved formatting overall. Additionally, users can now enjoy enhanced social sharing capabilities.

Bing Mobile App Updates

One notable addition is the chat history button, represented by a clock-shaped icon. This button allows users to revisit previous conversations by simply clicking on it. Initially available on mobile, this feature will soon be introduced on desktop as well. Microsoft is also emphasizing Bing’s growth on mobile platforms, revealing that daily downloads have increased eightfold since the integration of AI chat features.

With these new enhancements, Bing AI chatbot is providing users with a more engaging and comprehensive experience, making it easier to navigate past conversations and access a wealth of valuable information. As Microsoft continues to refine and expand the capabilities of its chatbot, users can expect even more innovative features and improvements in the future.

Microsoft is launching a few more features to commemorate the event. The Bing app now has a new widget that enables you to instantly activate the Bing chat feature or even use your voice to ask a question through the microphone. Your conversations from your mobile device can soon be carried over to your laptop and vice versa. Within the upcoming week, according to Microsoft, everyone should have access to this capability.

You may now communicate with Bing in additional languages, according to Microsoft, which also claims to have improved the quality of chats in non-English languages. Even voice input in several languages is supported.

SwiftKey gets a Compose and Translator feature

SwiftKey, the popular mobile app, is receiving a set of exciting Bing features to enhance its functionality. One of the notable additions is Compose, which allows users to request Bing to generate a message based on a brief prompt. This feature simplifies the process of composing emails or other messages by providing assistance with topic selection, tone, format, and length. While previously available through the Edge sidebar on desktop, it will soon be accessible on mobile devices through an upcoming SwiftKey update within the next two weeks.

SwiftKey is also introducing an AI-powered Translator feature, although the specifics of its enhancements compared to the existing translation functionality remain somewhat unclear. Presumably, this update will offer improved handling of complex text and deliver more accurate translations. Currently available on Android, it is expected to become available on iOS devices within the next week.

Additionally, the Tone feature in the SwiftKey app, which allows messages to be rewritten in a different tone, now offers two new options: Funny and Witty. This expansion of available tones adds further creative possibilities for users to inject humor and wit into their messages.

Contextual Chat comes to Edge mobile

Contextual chat is the first of the new Bing capabilities for Microsoft Edge, specifically on mobile. Basically, you can ask Bing to summarise a page while you’re browsing the web or ask a question about what you’re looking at by tapping the Chat icon. For instance, you may inquire about a wine that would go well with the recipe you’re looking at. Additionally, you can continue doing so until you get the answers you require.

Actions for selected text is another new feature. While exploring the web, if you come across a term or something you don’t understand, you can pick that text and ask Bing AI for more information. It might bring up details regarding a particular subject, including historical occurrences.

Although Microsoft didn’t specify a particular timeframe, these Edge features should soon be accessible to everyone.

Microsoft also said that the Bing AI chatbot is now accessible for any group chat in Skype, allowing you to ask for assistance within your ongoing conversations, in addition to all of the features already described here. It’s interesting that there is still no sign that Microsoft Teams would ever have a feature like this.

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