BigBasket’s data compromised, 20 Million Users data Leaked

Big Basket

Well, BigBasket, one of the biggest online-grocery shopping in India has also suffered a data breach, 20 Million Users data compromised. Facebook and LinkedIn’s data was compromised around a month ago, and Dominoes and Mobikwik also faced this breach.

A hacker named “ShinyHunter”, leaked the data of 20,000,000+ users, the leaked data contains information including, name, email ID, birth date, phone number, hashed passwords too.

Moreover, you can visit the website “Have I been pwned” to check if your email has been compromised before or not.

Earlier too, a data breach was confirmed back in November, when over 2 crore users data was compromised.

“This could lead to a serious problem for the affected customers as bad actors would gain access to their personal web accounts using the decrypted passwords and leaked email addresses,” Rajaharia told Gadegets360.

So may be if you are one of the the person who’s data has been compromised, we would suggest you to change your password immediately for the respective platforms.

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