Best VLM providers in India

Best VLM providers in India

Best VLM providers in India

The most pertinent need with regard to automation of warehouses is space optimization, and one of the most effective tools to serve the purpose is Vertical Lift Module. The VLM systems are engineered and designed to free up till 90% of available floor space while enhancing picking accuracy, safety as well as security and saving your money, time and return on investment. They move items from one elevation to another and its standards are different from that of passenger elevators and can be even gravity actuated. Let’s take a look at some of the best VLM providers in India.

Atmos Systems

The Vertical Conveyor System offered by Atmos Systems can lift different kinds of items, such as boxes, containers, packages, pallets, trays etc. The system is highly energy efficient and is most suitable for distribution centres and production units. The vertical conveyor is essentially an elevator type life that uses belts, buckets and screws to shift items from one floor to another. There are different types of vertical conveyors offered by Atmos Systems, such as Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor, Continuous Vertical Conveyor, Scissor lift, Vertical Bucket Conveyor and Spiral Conveyor.


An automated electronic machine that has a human machine interface, Rabatex Vertical Lift Module is basically a vertical storage machine segregated into trays. It is designed to carry heavy weight, as each tray can handle a load capacity between 200-700 kg. The machine comes in different height variants, with the shortest being 2 metres and the longest being 24 metres. The machine is further equipped to record data pertaining to each user and usage. The device also notifies if excess quantity is put on any of the trays. The product is made in India in terms of hardware.

Bradford Systems

The VLM systems offered by Bradford Systems are designed to effectively utilize floor-to-ceiling capability of a warehouse, thereby providing an easy and smart way to store, access and retrieve items. The company offers different VLM systems such as Modula Lift, Sintes1, Modula OneTon and Module Cube. The systems serve multiple warehouse automation purposes including storage of light as well as heavy goods, security from theft, minimal damage etc.


The Vertical Lift Modules by Kardex boast of 99.9% pick accuracy, nearly 67% reduction in labour cost and over 85% floor space savings. The high density storage system by Kardex meets broad range of applications across different industries and segments such as distribution, retail, manufacturing etc. The top benefits of it include faster access time, dynamic shelving that maximizes storage density, improved ergonomics and custom built design for different environment and industries.


A smartly designed automated storage and retrieval system, the Vertical Lift Module by Vidir enables an adaptable inventory management. While this helps in maximizing storage density, it also increases the overall productivity. The system has two tray towers – one on either side – joined together with an elevator in the centre. It comes equipped with automatic height detection, and intelligent software that streamlines the material handling process.

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