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We are going to tell you something new here! Nowadays, as many new phones are being offered in the market! Now the biggest question is in front of you which phone to take and which not to take! Keeping these problems in mind, we are going to tell you which phone will be best for you in 2020. However, many companies have just launched new phones in the market! We are going to talk in detail about all the new phones here!

Realme 5i

Realme 5i Specifications

Display-                     6.52-inch, 720×1600 pixels

Processor-                Qualcomm Snapdragon 665

RAM-                         4GB

Storage –                   64GB

Battery Capacity-      5000mAh

Rear Camera-           12-megapixel + 8-megapixel + 2-megapixel + 2-megapixel

Front Camera-          8-megapixel

Realme 5

Realme 5 Specifications

Display-                     6.50-inch, 720×1600 pixels

Processor-                 Qualcomm Snapdragon 665

RAM-                         3GB

Storage-                    32GB

Battery Capacity-      5000mAh

Rear Camera-           12-megapixel + 8-megapixel + 2-megapixel + 2-megapixel

Front Camera-          13-megapixel


Redmi Note 7S

Redmi Note 7S Specifications

Display-                  6.30-inch, 1080×2340 pixels

Processor-             Qualcomm Snapdragon 660

RAM-                      3GB

Storage-                32GB

Battery Capacity- 4000mAh

Rear Camera-       48-megapixel + 5-megapixel

Front Camera-      13-megapixel

Realme 3 Pro

Realme 3 Pro Specifications

Display-                     6.30-inch, 1080×2340 pixels

Processor-                Qualcomm Snapdragon 710

RAM-                         4GB

Storage-                    64GB

Battery Capacity-    4045mAh

Rear Camera-          16-megapixel + 5-megapixel

Front Camera-        25-megapixel

Samsung Galaxy M30

Samsung Galaxy M30 Specifications

Display-                       6.40-inch, 1080×2340 pixels

Processor-                  Samsung Exynos 7904

RAM-                          3GB

Storage –                    32GB

Battery Capacity-       5000mAh

Rear Camera-             13-megapixel + 5-megapixel + 5-megapixel

Front Camera-            16-megapixel

Samsung Galaxy M20

Samsung Galaxy M20 Specifications

Display-                         6.30-inch, 1080×2340 pixels

Processor-                     Samsung Exynos 7904

RAM-                            3GB

Storage-                       32GB

Battery Capacity-         5000mAh

Rear Camera-              13-megapixel + 5-megapixel

Front Camera-             8-megapixel

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