February 26, 2021

Best Android Devices, Apps and Games of 2015

The best Android Devices, Games and Apps of 2015 have been selected by over thousands of Android users. The report was compiled by Android Central. While Huawei was nominated as the best smartphone maker sharing success with the Nexus 6P. Samsung was chosen as the second best in Tablets with NVIDIA following suit.
Moto 360 2015 edition was nominated as the best smartwatch of 2015. Huawei Watch is next in line. In the game segment, Clash of Clans was nominated as the game of the year. Among the variety of Android games, it is the best. The second in line is Fallout Shelter.
Twitter was nominated as the best app of 2015. In mobile photo editing, Snap seed was chosen as the leader. It is owned by Google and can be integrated into other apps including Google Photos. Google Maps is the travel map of the year with TripAdvisor following the lead.