January 17, 2021

Kolkata: Known Bengali actress Disha Ganguly committed suicide at her home on Thursday. The actress hanged herself in her room at Parnashree area of the city. Police recovered her body and sent it for postmortem.

disha ganguly

As per the reports after the news circulated, one of Disha’s friend at Borahnagar also tried to commit suicide. Police launched an investigation in the matter. The cops are also said to be investigating the connection between the two incidents. The reason for the suicide is not yet clear. She was a popular face in one of the mega soaps at Star Jhalsha named ‘Tumi Ashbe Bole’.

Police is trying to investigate the matter. It is learnt that Disha had even gone to cheer for KKR against MI at the Eden Gardens, the previous day of her death. Now it is to be answered that what went wrong all of a sudden that Disha had to choose the path of quitting life? Was it the societal structure that did not allow her relationship with some one of the same sex or is it something else? The question remains to be answered or perhaps unanswered.