Beachhead Solutions (USA) Partners with RankSecure to bring the ‘SimplySecure’ Compliance & Encryption Platform for Employee used devices to India

Gain access to SimplySecuredata encryption and secure access control capabilities – get protection from data exposure and delivering compliance-as-a-service

MUMBAI,September 01, 2020 –Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control for IT service providers and managed service providers (MSPs), and RankSecure, a technology distributor to IT service providers and MSPs that specializes in military-grade data security, today announced an exclusive partnership deal that brings Beachhead’s data and device encryption platform to solution providers and MSPs across India.

SimplySecureis thetrusted device encryption and access management platform specifically designed to meet the needs of IT service providers and MSPs, helping them earn more business by providing compliance-as-a-service. The security solution makes it easy for these businesses to enforce encryption and access controls on their clients’ employee-used devices – including PCs, Macs, mobile phones, tablets, servers, and USB storage devices.

SimplySecureoffers powerful and simple-to-orchestrate security management controls. The platform allows IT service providers and MSPs to remotely and automatically delete or quarantine data on devices whenever they become lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised or unaccounted for. Additionally, SimplySecureprovides the complete monitoring, alerting, and incident reporting capabilities required to ensure data on or accessible from a client’s devices remains effectively secured.

Trusted by IT service providers andMSPs around the world, SimplySecureis now fully available for Indian IT service providers andMSPs to purchase withtoday’s new partnership betweenRankSecure and Beachhead Solutions. With SimplySecure, providerscan distinguish their offerings as complete encryption-as-a-service solutions. SimplySecureserves as an effective data security compliance-as-a-service solution as well, offering a key differentiator for providers whose clients conduct business abroad and operate under the purview of regulations such as GDPR.SimplySecurealso features streamlined management capabilities for providers who use BitLocker, EFS, or FileVault for data protection.

“Beachhead’s SimplySecureis a particularly robust solution that deservesattention from any IT service provider or MSP responsible for securing their clients’ devices and data,” said Anil Bhavnani, CEO, RankSecure. “We’re proud to be able to now bring Beachhead’s market-leading technology to the Indian MSP market and to add SimplySecureto our arsenal of military-grade data security solutions.”

“The demand in India for straightforward, simple-to-implement-and-use, cloud-managed data and device encryption is high – and perhaps no one understands that more than the team at RankSecure,” said Amit Parbhucharan, General Manager for EMEA& Asia, Beachhead Solutions.“RankSecure truly understands what it takes to ensure sensitive business data stays secure, and they’re the perfect partner to bring SimplySecureinto the market here in India.”

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About Beachhead Solutions

Beachhead Solutions delivers cloud-based data security and encryption – built for seamless MSP portfolio integration – through its robust SimplySecure for MSPs™ platform. From a single multi-tenanted console, MSPs can enforce encryption and remote data access control for clients’ Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android phones & tablets, USB storage devices, and Windows Servers. With features including remote data wipe and quarantine – as well as full monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities – MSPs use the Beachhead platform to deliver Compliance-as-a-Service, helping them win (and keep) more client business.

About RankSecure

RankSecure is the IT Security division of Rank Computers Pvt Ltd, a 34-year-old company in the IT industry. RankSecure brings unique solutions to India that are technically sound, provide total and complete security, and are commercially viable both for the customer and well as our Partners. RankSecure operates in India primarily through its Partners.