Baybot launches ‘PetPlay’ An Entertainer & Obesity Fighter for Pets

Baybot PetPlay

Helps keep pets active, relieve pet loneliness, Multi-track and multi-angle laser, App-controlled, manual, and scheduled operation  

After a successful launch of its range of smart security devices Mumbai-based Baybot is happy to announce a very smart and must-have gadget/toy for your beloved pet(s). Introducing PetPlay, Baybot’s first laser-based pet toy that keeps your pet(s) entertained while you are away. The Baybot PetPlay is a simple, yet versatile pet toy that can keep your pet active and entertained while helping avoid stress and loneliness and also fights obesity.  

The Baybot PetPlay is a simple, yet smart, portable, and versatile laser-based pet toy. It stands no taller than a 500ml bottle and features a safe, low-energy laser. Powered by the bundled micro USB cable and charger, it can also be used with a conventional power bank so you can easily carry it along on your vacations. 

The PetPlay features a simple red laser dot projector that continuously moves and keeps changing its angles to provoke your pet to chase it. Since pets, especially cats and dogs, find a moving laser dot extremely curious, they will keep chasing the dot until it’s caught. As a result, your pet is being entertained while unknowingly they keep themselves active and avoid obesity. Additionally, the PetPlay can also help relieve pet stress and prevents pet loneliness, especially when you are not around for long hours. 

The Baybot PetPlay can be operated using your smartphone. The app allows you to connect over a distance of around 10 meters and you can manually control the angle and speed of the laser so you can have some fun with your pet too. If you are not around (off to work, to the market, or on a short trip), you can set it in a scheduled mode where it operates daily at a specific time and for a particular duration so your pets are kept entertained and healthy. 

Pricing —

The Baybot PetPlay will be available for Rs 3,999 on and, with a 12-month warranty period. 

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