Azure Quantum and Classiq collaborate to offer researchers and educators accelerated quantum algorithm design

A quantum research and education programme that was developed by Classiq and Microsoft gives educational institutions access to the cutting-edge Quantum software platform from Classiq as well as Azure Quantum cloud access to a variety of quantum gear.

Classiq, a top platform provider for creating, evaluating, and running quantum circuits, has chosen Azure Quantum as its launch partner for its international academic programme. University instructors, students, and researchers can speed up algorithm design on quantum computers by integrating Classiq with Azure Quantum. This eliminates the need for quantum assembly-level language, allowing users to concentrate on building applications rather than gate-level programming.

Researchers can readily examine big complicated quantum circuits using Classiq’s synthesis engine in addition to building cutting-edge circuits for future quantum devices. The circuits, created in QIR code, can then be transmitted to Azure Quantum’s resource estimation service, giving instructors and students vital knowledge on creating quantum applications for tomorrow’s fault-tolerant quantum computers.

Azure Quantum was the natural choice for Classiq to collaborate with as its academic program launch partner.

As per Nir Minerbi, Co-Founder and CEO of Classiq, “The combined offering seamlessly pairs Classiq’s easy-to-use software design platform with Azure Quantum’s robust portfolio of NISQ hardware, resource estimator, and hybrid quantum computing features. The pairing enables quantum researchers and educators to focus on application development uninhibited by low-level code. This program reflects Classiq and Azure Quantum’s deep and shared commitment to invest in global workforce development.”

Professors from all around the world, including those already connected to Classiq and Azure Quantum’s networks at prestigious universities, will be able to teach classes and carry out research in all areas of quantum computing thanks to the combined offering.

As per Dr. Robert Wille, Technical University of Munich Professor and Chair for Design Automation of the Bavarian State Ministry for Science and Arts, “In order to make quantum computing a success, we need a strong interplay between hardware and software. Designing quantum software at the functional level and executing it on multiple QPUs will advance both quantum research and education. The collaboration between Classiq and Microsoft aims at exactly that and will pave the way towards a quantum computing ecosystem capable of solving some of the future’s most important challenges.”

By offering a cutting-edge platform for automated quantum software design and smooth execution on quantum hardware, the joint offering speeds the education of quantum software.

As per Fabrice Frachon, Azure Quantum Principal Program Manager, “The Classiq platform’s ability to simplify complex quantum circuits through visualization and automation, in fact, mirrors Classiq’s integration approach with Azure Quantum. Users access the best of Classiq’s quantum circuit design software and Azure Quantum’s cloud-based endpoints and capabilities through a single, simple-to-use Classiq interface and workspace.”

Wherever learners and practitioners are in their quantum journey, Azure Quantum is prepared to meet them. The only prerequisite for this new academic curriculum is a little background in quantum software programming, which assists teams that are application development-focused. Classiq makes it simple to upskill domain experts with limited quantum knowledge and incorporate them into high-performing quantum teams because of its functional descriptive approach.

This international programme broadens Azure Quantum’s research and educational applications as well as its portfolio of strategies, tools, and resources for educators in order to support the crucial goal of preparing a workforce for the quantum era.

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