Axis Introduces Direct Drive HDTV PTZ Dome Camera

Axis Communications presents a direct drive PTZ camera with few moving parts. The camera is directly attached to the drive shaft of two motors—one for panning and another for tilting the camera. With no mechanical parts such as belts or gears, AXIS P5414-E’s durable and highly efficient pan/tilt system provides customers with a reliable, low-maintenance PTZ camera. Other innovations include a built-in wall bracket that eliminates the need to purchase a separate mounting accessory. This not only provides cost-savings to customers, but makes wall-mount installations even easier and quicker.axis16-5-13

About half of all PTZ cameras are mounted on walls and AXIS P5414-E addresses this market with some unique designs,” says Erik Frännlid, Axis’ Director of Product Management. “The result is an attractively priced, high-performance, low-maintenance HDTV PTZ camera that’s easy to install.”

AXIS P5414-E has an integrated sunshield that is designed for easy removal, allowing customers to repaint it to match the installation environment. The sunshield’s sloping form also helps the camera resist attempts by vandals to pull it down. The camera has a hidden junction box that supports two-way audio, a memory card slot, four configurable inputs/outputs to external devices, and the option for customers to use either 24 V DC or Power over Ethernet Plus (IEEE 802.3at). AXIS P5414-E supports Advanced Gatekeeper, which enables the camera to automatically pan, tilt and zoom in to a preset position when motion is detected in a predefined area. See film for further explanation.

With the ability to pan 270°, AXIS P5414-E can also be mounted on the corner of a building with the use of a corner mount bracket, enabling wide area coverage and high optical zoom for detailed surveillance in HDTV resolution. It will be available in July 2013 through Axis distribution channels.