October 28, 2020

AXILSPOT To Reinforce Its Presence In India Post August 15, 2017

AXILSPOT Communications, a global leader in wireless networking equipment offering innovative and reliable Wi-Fi solutions has said that it will increase the volume of its product stock, comprising of cutting edge high end WLAN solutions in India after August 15, 2017.
The company’s product line-up also boasts of its high-end technology which furnishes ultra high-speed, stable and high capacity Wi-Fi access. The multi-beam smart-selection antenna array system has been developed after years of exhaustive research by the top-notch RF team of leading scientists in microwave and Wi-Fi industry.
The technology merges the LTE base station antenna technologies into Wi-Fi transmission. The company recently joined hands with Redington, the biggest supply Chain Solution Provider in emerging markets appointing it as the regional distributor in India.
DORADO – Featuring Multiservice In wall series and Integrated Antenna Ceiling Series. Both the series offer a host of In-wall Access Points and Integrated Antenna Ceiling Access Points.
SEAL – Featuring Outdoor Bridge Series and Outdoor Access Point Series with Point to Point Wireless Bridge and Wave 2 Access Point.
MOBULA – Featuring App Management Platform, Windows Management Platform and Enterprise WLAN Management Platform.
Switches – PoE Switches of 5, 8 and 16 ports respectively.