AVerMedia Unveils Full Range of Gaming and Video Streaming Solutions at TwitchCon Europe 2019

As a global leader in the professional digital multimedia technology, AVerMedia will be running a booth (U13) at the TwitchCon Europe held in CityCube Berlin, Germany from April 13 to 14, 2019. We are glad to present our latest products and showcase the world-leading 4K HDR game capture products which designed for game streaming enthusiasts.

AVerMedia is committed to developing high-resolution gaming capture products and streaming package. We present the highest-level gaming capture card to provide the best quality experience for all the gamers,” said Michael Kuo, President and CEO of AVerMedia. “We are excited to be able to showcase AVerMedia’s fascinating new game streaming product lineup to all the partners and press at TwitchCon Europe. We will keep chasing excellence in this industry, in order to contribute to the society.”

The European gaming market is one of the key territories that AVerMedia strongly focuses on. TwitchCon is the perfect opportunity for the company to meet its users and gather feedback, as well as meeting new local partners.

AVerMedia’s next-generation game streaming solutions on display include:


LG4K is a PCIe game capture card which can capture 4Kp60 HDR high-quality content with ultra-low latency.

  • Top of Line Tech: AVerMedia’s top capture card, capable of handling any game at ultra-high resolution and framerate and with ultra-low latency.

  • 4Kp60 HDR: High Dynamic Range capture for brighter whites and darker blacks and a wider color gamut overall, significantly superior to standard 4K, while at 60 fps.

  • Maximum Performance: Via internal PCI Express x4 Gen2 card form factor.

  • Look like a Rock Star: RGB with three preset modes to make your setup shine.

  • Max. Pass-Through Resolution: 2160p60 HDR / 1440p144 / 1080p240.

  • Max. Capture Resolution: 2160p60 HDR / 1440p120 / 1080p240.

  • Recorded Quality: 150 Mbps default @2160p60; up to 240 Mbps is possible.


A plug and play capture card with USB 3.1 Type-C interface. With the latest techniques, LGU can capture 4Kp30 gaming content and pass-through 4Kp60 HDR content.

  • For Pros and Aspiring Pros: AVerMedia’s intermediate capture card, designed to work well with both laptops and desktop gaming PCs and equipped with onboard video processing to lighten the CPU load.

  • Laptop-Friendly Form Factor with Low Latency: USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Type-C interface.

  • Max. Pass-Through Resolution: 2160p60 HDR / 1440p144 / 1080p240.

  • Max. Capture Resolution: 2160p30 / 1440p60 / 1080p120.

  • Recorded Quality: 150 Mbps default @2160p30; up to 240 Mbps is possible.


This microphone is designed specifically for live streamers, YouTubers, content creators who demand quality voice recording. The ultra lightweight design is easy to carry and suitable for outdoor use.

  • Extremely Compatible: 3.5 mm audio input supports smartphone*, camera and computer (*some require an adapter)

  • High-Quality Mic: Premium unidirectional condenser microphone.

  • Compact & Lightweight: Feather-weight design for ultra portability.

  • Accessories: Comes with a carrying bag and a windscreen.

In addition, as one of the leading company in game streaming, AVerMedia also showcases Full HD capture cards, USB streaming microphone. By building an all-around product lineup of gaming and streaming, AVerMedia aims to provide the best streaming experience to all gamers and streamers.