Avermedia associates with Abacus Peripherals for distribution of its Capture Cards & Mic

Avermedia has partnered with Abacus Peripherals to bring gaming segment capture cards to Indian streamers and gamers. Abacus Peripherals has completely changed its product positioning to cater the gamers and streamers and the addition of Avermedia to the products basket is an interesting move.

Abacus Peripherals being awarded as the Best Distributor in Gaming Product and Avermedia being an expert in audiovisual technologies, this association appeals to be a very promising one for the Gaming industry. Avermedia strives to elevate the gaming experience with top quality sound and vision experience. Currently GL310, GC550, GC570, C985E capture cards are available along with AM310 Condenser mics.

Avermedia cards let you stream seamlessly without putting additional pressure on your GPU and Processor. While their audio equipment reduces all the unwanted noise and let your audience experience your perfect streams.

Abacus Peripherals is one of the reputed distributors in the country with over 20 years of presence in IT Distribution and Manufacturing. Today Abacus has 22 branches offices across India ready to cater need of the industry for all computer components and peripherals.