November 30, 2020

Avaya Receives 2014 Asia Pacific Enterprise Networking Customer Value Enhancement Award from Frost & Sullivan


Avaya, a global provider of business communications and collaboration systems and services, today announced that it has been awarded the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific Enterprise Networking Customer Value Enhancement Award.At an award presentation on October 16th, Andrew Hindmarch, Asia Pacific Networking Leader, Avaya, received the award from Andrew Milroy, Vice President, ICT Research, Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific.

The customer value enhancement award is given to a company which has enhanced customer value through its networking offerings and recorded revenue growth in its networking product line. Criteria include both the business impact achieved – including growth, customer acquisition, growth potential and operational efficiency – and customer impact, based on price performance value, and the customer experience across the entire process.

Avaya is at the center of software transformation in networking, creating streamlined opportunities for CIOs and IT managers while saving businesses money and increasing overall efficiency. Since the deployment of Avaya Networking for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics earlier this year, increasing numbers of customers across the globe are realizing the unique simplicity, increased uptime and application-friendly capabilities of Avaya Fabric Connect. Fabric Connect deployments have increased 100% year on year.

In a recently concluded survey of IT managers across Asia Pacific, Avaya found that 96% are negatively affected by the complexities of their network, which limits what can be deployed and when – and suffered consequences as a result of change errors including disruption and delays to other IT projects, impact to employee productivity and supply chain disruption. Almost all companies (98%) saw delays to changes and improvements to business technology systems because of waiting for maintenance windows.


Avaya Fabric Connect can provide the first steps to simplify a company’s network environment, eliminate the need for multi-touch configuration and to provide a path to end-to-end network automation. Fabric Connect reduces the more than 20 protocols used in legacy networks to a single one to enable the simplicity that a growing number of businesses and organizations are welcoming into their IT operations, and is 100% compatible with existing Ethernet networks. With this simplicity, companies gain genuine service agility to rapidly deploy applications and services over the network and automatically adjust to the quality of service needed by the application. In addition, Fabric Connect can reduce core errors by automatically distributing service parameters when implementing a new network service; IT personnel need only to configure edge devices, leaving vital core and distribution switches untouched.