“Availability of IT products across the country and awareness will also help increase IT products sales and service.”- Zakir Hussain Rangwala- Founder Director – Sales & Marketing of BD Software Distribution Pvt. ltd.

Here’s the interview snippet from the interaction with Mr. Zakir Hussain Rangwala- Founder Director – Sales & Marketing of BD Software Distribution Pvt. ltd.

Jahnavi- What are the basic visions and missions of your company? 

Zakir– The vision of the company is to provide quality cyber security solutions in the Indian market which are affordable and able to provide the security needed in the growing digital space. The mission is to make sure our products and services are made available across the length and breadth of the country and to give quality customer support, and to ensure good profits for our channel partners.

Jahnavi-Which of the customers are the major target of your company? How do you position your company’s products?

Zakir-We are focussed to provide our cybersecurity solutions from small and medium company to mid-tier SMB and enterprises alike. We also have consumer solutions for the home and individual user’s. As digitalisation is making everyone use computers, the need for our solutions is also for everyone having a computer.

Jahnavi-Your major focus are the cyber security issues. What all are the major ways through which you fulfil this focus?

Zakir-Every small & medium company has basic cyber security solutions requirement when they are focusing on their growth, which is security of their data and preventing cyberattacks on their digital network. We offer them solutions starting from endpoint security to DLP to email encryption. We follow it up with Phishing simulations, and MDM solutions in case they have team on the ground too.

Jahnavi-How do you think your tips to ensure the hackers and cyber attacks to reduce, helps the customers?

Zakir-SMB business is growing in India and with digitalisation coming rapidly, the business man has limited time to think upon cyber security. Our team offers them solution by which the basic and immediate threats are discussed and solved and a roadmap is made on how he can stay protected from sudden cyberattacks. We are also releasing a book shortly on cybersecurity which will help every business man and non it people to understand what is cybersecurity.

Jahnavi-What is the best way of marketing according to you? Do you think social media marketing is a good way for marketing?

Zakir-Social media is definitely helping in marketing. But in our country the print media also works specially in small cities. Face to face meetings and events helps to connect with our partners and potential customers. It depends on what products , region you plan to market your solutions and accordingly you can use social media campaigns or use print media.

Jahnavi-What are your thoughts on the IT industry? And how do you think it can boost?

Zakir-The current push by the government on digitalisation is pushing the IT industry good enough. The recent pandemic also helped increase IT awareness and increased business in IT industry. Availability of IT products across the country and awareness will also help increase IT products sales and service.

Jahnavi-What factors are ensured by you for the crosschecking of quality of the products?

Zakir-All our solutions are world renowned and used by large user base. Our team checks and does POC to ensure the solutions are suitable to the Indian market. All products we distribute have won numerous industry awards and aapreciation from customers alike.

Jahnavi-How are you able to attain customer satisfaction considering there are different type of customers all over the globe and every individual has their own and different need to satisfy?

Zakir-We offer pre & post-sales support to our customers. Each customers has a different pain area considering their knowledge on the product and we offer proper support, education and training on our solutions to ensure they are able to use our products fully and stay secure.

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