“Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are coming up with different ways to deliver engaging & interactive education like never-before.”-Ms. Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom

Ms. Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom

Nisha Harshwal:-Share details about the inception of Globus Infocom?

Ms. Kiran Dham:-The idea of incepting Globus Infocom & developing it as a strong Make in India brand was to develop and build a trusted brand in Indian market which woulddevelop and deliver hardware technological products and solutions along with the necessary required software’s to offer a COMPLETE solution to the user. This has been a common problem faced by any technological user which led us tocome up with thisevolutionary idea to enable the user buyall the necessary products and software’s under one umbrellafrom a single solutionprovider. Currently we also have a strong nationwide sales & service present to cater to the stringent demands & after sales requirements of our esteemed customers.

Nisha Harshwal:-What is your mission and vision for 2019?

Ms. Kiran Dham:-

Mission: To create a technology driven ecosystem of Opportunities, Growth & Trust.

Vision: Dedicated to becoming a leading & trusted Make In India brand for innovative solutions & provide a world of unlimited possibilities for our customers, partners & team members.

Nisha Harshwal:-How Technology has transformed the Education sector in India?

Ms. Kiran Dham:-Technology has enabled education to open a world of opportunities and is accepted & practiced by teachers of most of the schools & colleges of rural, urban & semi urban areas of India. All the digital facilities are when paired with tech savvy teachers, learners get an evolve & enriched learning experience.  There are many ways technology is altering the ways of education in present scenario. Technology is turning education in to a fun & interesting experience and helps break down the walls of classrooms encouraging students & teachers to think out of the box.

The increasing impact of e-learning which is providing flexible, personalized & accessible learning without any demographic boundary is significantly contributing in rise of education. Cloud based courses, data &educational content are giving wings to learners. The involvement of Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning is elevating the education standard & also providing the ease of learning at one’s own pace. Similarly, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality are coming up with different ways to deliver engaging & interactive education like never-before.

Nisha Harshwal:-Make in India: Generating the security solutions for e-gov marketplace?

Ms. Kiran Dham:-In-light of the current scenario where security has become pre-eminent not only inside homes, offices but also at the public places, Government has been taking quite a serious approach towards the safety of the citizens of India& has started to invest in services like Mobile/Bus surveillance, Traffic Surveillance, installation of security cameras at all public places. Initiatives like Smart Cities, Dial 100, Government school surveillance initiatives have boosted the power of surveillance structure in India. Taking into consideration all these facts, Globus Infocom offers comprehensive range of surveillance solutions including best in class surveillance products & solutions integrated with high end technologies which are future ready. Our elite range of body- worn cameras & mobile surveillance solution have been designed as per the advanced surveillance needs of the environment. Laced with features like IoT, facial detection & recognition, Object counting & removal, Intrusion detection, Tail gating detection & ANPR, theseare fully equipped to serve the emerging security concerns. We have successfully installed our Surveillance solutions in the eminent government establishments like AIIMS, Haryana Medical Services Corporation Limited &All centralBhawans of Government of India, New Delhi & many other prestigious clients.

Nisha Harshwal:-Education Sector at the Cusp of a huge Transformation: Enabled by Technology on 2019 ?

Ms. Kiran Dham:-India is currently at a stage of progressive digitization &technology is playing an integral role in delivery of knowledge. The ubiquity of digital learning aids will grow in 2019 because such aids make learning fun and easy. Many children who’re afraid of complex language, graphs, diagrams, and equations on paper are more welcoming of them when they’re expressed using simple audio and visual cues.

This means that there is tremendous scope to use Edtech to teach children technologies likely to enter the mainstream in the education space include VR and 3D platforms. The advantages of such platforms are they allow students to learn by immersing them in subjects. A child who’s studying biology has to memorise a number of different terms using a textbook. Yet when the child is immersed in a Virtual Reality world built around biology, the task of memorising terms, names, facts, and functions becomes far easier. This is why technologies such as 3D platforms and VR are game changers in the education space and why they will continue to impact education in 2019. 

Nisha Harshwal:-What are your Future Plans?    

Ms. Kiran Dham:-Now after a successful foray into digital learning solutions we are planning to leverage on our comprehensive 360 degree school solutions which are designed to provide start to end solutions to cover complete need of schools, collage or educational institute. This will include software solutions like subject labs, ERP(School Management Software), language labs incorporated with our hardware products, also with complete surveillance solution which will enable schools/collages to not only provide a holistic & safe educational environment to students but also smoothen their operational & admin related functions. Further, we are also incorporating the futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality in our learning solutions to provide an immersive learning experience to students.

Nisha Harshwal:-What were the key achievements of Globus Infocom in Year 2019-20?

Ms. Kiran Dham:-In the last financial year our20% investment was on Research & Development.We expanded our solution basket by adding need-based & meaningful technology solutions like Integrated Teaching Solution, Digital Lounge along with many content software which enabled us to become a one stop solution provider ofstate of the artHardware &advanced software together eradicating the challenges of customers & partners of finding correct softwaresbest suited for the hardware. We also executed many pretigious projects in education wherein we have successfully delivered different projects within the defined timelines irrespective of highly challenging locations. 

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