December 4, 2020

Atos recognized as global leader in application transformation services (ADM) by ISG

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, today announced it has been recognized by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm, as among the leading providers of ADM (application development and management) services worldwide.

According to an ISG Insights Index (i3) report on ADM services, Atos was named a leader in the five “next-generation” buyer categories, or “archetypes,” by which ISG evaluates ADM service providers, the only service provider to receive such a distinction.

The ISG i3 report assesses the relative capabilities of 31 global ADM service providers based on the needs of enterprise clients as defined by six buyer archetypes: Traditional, Managed Services, Transformation-Oriented, “Glocal” (Global+Local) Talent, Leveraging Platforms / Accelerators and Enabling Digital*.

The report underlines Atos’ expertise in supporting businesses in their digital transformation journeys, guaranteeing the integration of legacy applications and operational excellence throughout.

“Today’s ADM buyers, rather than being IT-centric, represent a more diverse set of functions within an organization. Each of them has unique challenges and requirements that differ from the traditional ADM service requirements of the past,” said Jan Erik Aase, director and principal analyst at ISG Research. “Our i3 research considers these various buyer types when evaluating how each service provider meets their specialized needs. Atos scored very highly in all the dimensions that represent next-generation buyers looking to take their sourcing strategy and performance to the next level.”

“Being positioned by ISG Research as a Leader in all of the next-generation ‘archetypes’ worldwide validates our position as the preferred partner for business transformation and innovation,” says Ursula Morgenstern, Executive Vice President for Global Business & Platform Solutions at Atos. “We work intensively with our clients to help them accelerate their digital transformation. More and more businesses embrace digital business models and we support them, bringing our expertise and solid global experience, reinforced by our continued investment in R&D.”

The report states that Atos is a key partner for mastering large digital transformation deals for businesses that require faster delivery and scale. It highlights that its global scale – 60 delivery centers worldwide and 30,000 FTEs – complemented by a highly-experienced resource pool, and dedication to emerging technologies, such as Atos Codex for Data Analytics and Atos Canopy Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud, make it an experienced ideal player for running large digital transformation projects that require multi-regional presence.

Detailed description of the categories of user types (“archetypes”):

· Traditional Archetype – These clients are mostly focused on cost savings through an FTE-based/staff augmentation model. The majority of such clients are first time outsourcers -Atos recognized as a noteworthy player.

· Managed Services – businesses looking to leverage a Service Integration and Management (SIAM) model to ensure effective monitoring and measurement of productivity – Atos recognized as a leader.

· Transformation-Oriented – businesses looking to sunset legacy systems and applications to put quicker, more closely integrated, and user-friendly applications, platforms and systems in place – Atos recognized as a leader.

· “Glocal” (Global+Local) Talent – businesses looking to get access to emerging technology talent to develop their business – Atos recognized as a leader.

· Leveraging Platforms / accelerators – businesses looking to achieve business process expertise through standardization of processes (consolidating landscapes onto a common platform – Atos recognized as a leader.

· Enabling Digital – businesses looking to differentiate and increase revenue through the use of emerging technologies – Atos recognized as a leader.